Reception - Elephants
Mrs Clements, Mrs Tiley

Healthy eating (wb18.03.19)
This week we have been learning about 'healthy eating'. We have found out the food we need to:
  • keep our bodies healthy
  • give our bodies energy
  • help our bodies repair themselves and grow strong.
At lunchtimes we have been identifying the different food on our plates that help our bodies with these things. 

The children have designed healthy lunchboxes, thinking carefully about their food choices. In dance this week all of our songs were about fruit and vegetables. The children followed actions for the 'Banana song' and moved in their own ways in response to the music 'apples and bananas'. 

In Phonics this week we have learnt the 'ur' and 'ow' sounds. We have played education city, blending words with these sounds to match to pictures, and found rhyming words. For both sounds we have practised segmenting words for writing words and captions. 

In Maths this week we have moved on from 'one less' to learn more about subtraction. We have been busy solving food problems, needing to find out how many are left each time. The children have enjoyed playing subtraction smash, finding how many balls of playdough they had left after squashing the number rolled on the dice. We started with 10 each time in a tens frame. 

Next week we will be learning about 'Spring'. If you are out and about over the weekend, see if you can spot any signs of spring to share with us next week. 

A reminder that Parents consultations are next Tuesday and Thursday, we look forward to seeing you then. 

Food from plants wb11.03.19
This week for our ‘Green fingers’ topic we have looked at food we get from plants. We started the week with our story of ‘The Enormous Turnip’ being locked away. So until we could find the key to unzip the locked pouch we looked at the front cover to see if we could work out what it could be about. Some ideas included: it growing bigger and bigger before shooting up into space, it exploding everywhere and it getting so big it covered all of the garden. Luckily the magic key appeared the next day so we got to find out if any of our predictions we right. We have been sequencing the events and retelling the story.
We have also looked at how different food grows, for example, carrots grow underground and peas grow on vines.

In Phonics this week we have learnt the ‘er’ and ‘ar’ sound. For ‘er’ we used the electric mixer to make some delicious chocolate cakes. We have continued to practise our segmenting skills for spelling and our blending skills for reading.

In Maths this week we have begun to develop out understanding of subtraction by finding one less. We have solved simple problems by taking one object away from our set. As part of our problem solving, we have also started to use subtraction number sentences to show what we have done, learning what the – sign means. We will be solving subtraction problems next week.

Next week our ‘Green Fingers’ topic will help us to learn about keeping healthy, including what we eat and exercise.