Reception - Daisies
Miss Mann, Mrs Grant, Mrs Tiley, 

Our Learning this Week (wb 23.04.18)
This week we started our 'Amzaing machines' topic. The children have been exploring how different things work, using their own experiences and understanding. We have looked at how a hoover works, taking the Henry Hoover apart and talking about the different parts and what they do to help us. We have been creating our own inventions to create a machine to help keep the school tidy. We thought about all the things that are done, including: hoovering, mopping the floors and wiping the tables. The children have been using their imaginations to help with their designs. 

In Phonics this week we have revisited the long 'oo' sound and the short 'oo' sound. The children have been practising their reading and writing skills using these sounds. We have been looking ahead for digraph sounds when reading, drawing on the sound buttons to help. 

In Maths this week we have revisited 2D shapes. Some mystery shapes appeared on the carpet at the beginning of the week. The children have been describing them and using the descriptions to work out the real names of the shapes. We have been developing our understanding of the vocabularly of 'sides', 'corners', 'straight' and 'curved' when descrbing flat shapes. 

This week we had our first PE session outside, the children listened really well following the instructions. We have been been practising our throwing skills, aiming for a target. 

Next week we are going on our school trip, we have begun to talk about the things we will see while we are there.  

Our Learning this Week (wb 16.04.18)
Welcome back after the Easter break! 
The children have enjoyed sharing their holiday news with the class on Monday. We write about our news, remembering to use sentence features such as: finger spaces, full stops and captial letters at the beginnng of sentences. 

Our topic this week has been 'Princesses and Knights'. We have read stories, thinking about what the characters were like and compared them to what we know about real princesses and knights. We had a letter from Princess Sophie from 'The Princess and the Giant' asing for help to save her friend from a dragon. The children have been busy writing replies to her letter. On Monday we will be looking at the story of St George and the Dragon for St Georges Day. 

In Phonics this week we have been revisitng the digraph sounds 'ai' 'ee' 'ie' 'oa' and 'ue'. We have been writing and eading words containing these sounds. 

In Maths this week we have revisited 'capacity' and made estimations for how many cubes/pegs/marbles would fit in different containers. We solved problems such as 'which container will hold the most?' and found out that because a container is tall it doesn't mean that it will hold the most. 

We will be starting to do PE outside, please ensure your child has trainers/plimsoles in their PE kit. 


Our Learning this week (wb26.03.18)
This week we have learnt about Easter. We have shared our own experiences of Easter and found out how others celebrate it. We  even got to go on an Easter hunt on Wednesday.

In Phonics we have been using our phonic knowledge to write captions to match pictures. The children did very well at remembering the sequence of words and hearing the sounds in the correct order. 

In Maths this week we have been learning about 'Sharing'. We have been sharing eggs between 2 using both even and odd numbers. The children worked out that if we were sharing an odd number it would be fair to leave the last one out so the number of eggs in each basket were the same so it was fair. 

We hope you all have a very enjoyable Easter break and see lots of signs of Spring while you are out and about!