Reception - Pineapples
Miss Mann, Mrs Grant, Mrs Tiley, 

what have we been learning this week? (wb24.04.17)
This week we continued our 'Castles, dragons, knights and princesses' topic. We started the week by receiving a letter from Princess Sophie asking for our help to find a brave knight to save her from a dragon. The children write their own wanted posters to help find a knight who was strong and brave to save her. We also learnt about castles, what they were like and who lived in them.

In Phonics this week we revisited the 'oo' and 'oo' sounds. We reminded ourselves to segment a word by using both sounds to find out which 'oo' was needed. Together we continued to practise how to 'look ahead' to identify the digraphs. We have also used our phonic knoweldge to write captions to match pictures, focussing on words which contain the 'oo'/'oo' words.

In Maths this week, we revisted 2D shapes. We have used them in lots of different ways to help us describe them using their properties and the correct vocabulary. At the beginning of the week we sorted the shapes using our own criteria, e.g. how many sides, curved/straight sides. We have been drawing around 2D shapes to create our own shape pictures, naming and describing the shapes we have used.

This week we had our first PE lesson outside.  We practised our throwing and catching skills using large balls and everyone used excellent listening skills to follow instructions. In Dance this week we reminded ourselves of the bdance routine we learnt with Mr Rae before the Easter break to the 'Hot and Cold' song by the Chipettes.

Our topic next week will be 'Growing', where we will be focussing on plants.

What have we been learning this week? (wb 17.04.17)
Welcome back to the Summer Term. We hope you all had an enjoyable Easter break. The children were very excited to be back on Tuesday and have enjoyed sharing and writing about their holiday news. 

In phonics this week we have been revisiting the digraoh sounds 'ai', 'ee', 'ie', 'ou', 'ue'. We have used our knowledge of these sounds to write words containing them and reading and answering yes/no questions. 

In Maths this week we have been learning about capacity. We started the week learning about 'estimating' and understanding that it means to make a sensible guess. We used non-standard units to measure how many bears would fit into different sized containers and count to check if we were correct. We have used the water tray for our learning and filled different containers with different amounts, using the vocabulary 'full', 'half full', 'empty'. 

This week we started our new topic 'Castles, Knights and Princesses'. The children have used their imaginations and experinces of stories to create representations of dragons. We have used paint and combined different materials to create different textures. We learnt about the role of a knight and compared this to the knight in the story 'Hector and the Big Bad Knight'. The children decided that Hector was more like a knight because he saved the day! We are also starting to look at the story of St George and will be actig it out next week. 

Congratulations to Margot, Chloe V-W and Noah who celebrated their achievements from the Easter break with us this week. Well done! 

Next week we will be having our PE sessions outside, please ensure your child have plimsoles or trainers in school. 

Our 'Castles, Knights and Princesses' topic will continue next week. 

Duck rota
Just to remind you that the new rota is up on the cork board in the Reception cloakroom. Please sign up when you are able to look after our ducks on a week day or weekend. It is a very quick job to clean them out or put them away. We really appreciate your help.

Thank you in advance,
The Reception Team, Daisy and Fred