Reception - Elephants
Mrs Clements, Mrs Tiley

This week our 'Wheels, wings and Other things' topic has taken us on a mission to find out more about transport with wings. We have found out about aeroplanes, space shuttles, jet planes and gliders. The children have shared their own experiences as well as making comparisons between old and new. 

In Phonics this week we have been practising reading and writing CCVC words. We have matched words to pictures and listened very carefully for all of the sounds when segmenting for writing. 

In Maths this week we have been learning about number bonds to 10. The children have used numicon and the part whole model to answer the question 'how can you make 10 using 2 numbers?'. They have been recording what they found out using number sentences. 

Next week we will be making models using recycled materials, please could the children bring in any:
  • small boxes (no bigger than a shoe box)
  • lids (e.g. from jars, plastic bottles, pringle tubes)
  • plastic bottles
  • egg boxes
Rabbits- There is a rota for helping to look after the rabbits by the school office, we would really appreciate it if you are able to help. They will only need feeding and checking they have enough water. Thank you. 


Wheels Now and Then
What an exciting week! 

On Wednesday we went to Brooklands Museum on our school trip. Before going we had learnt about new cars, racing cars, buses and bicycles. While we were there the children were busy looking for similairites, differences and changes they noticed compared to new modes of trasnport. There were lots of 'Wow's' and excitement when we went into each building. 
The children's highlights of our day included
  • "I loved the cars because they had really cool things on them" Chase
  • "The best bit was when we could go on the top deck of the old bus and look out the windows" Imogen
  • "Making the car with pegs was the best bit, we raced them down the hill" Eddie.
Thank you to our helpers on the school trip, we hope you enjoyed it! 

In Phonics this week we have been applying our phonic knowledge to read and write CVCC. 

In Maths this week we have revisited money. We started our week with a challenge of 'How can you make 5p?'. We used numicon to start with and then matched the numicon to the coins. We have also been finding out how much money we need to pay for 2 items by adding the amounts toegther. 

Next week we our 'Wheels, Wings and other things' topic will look at 'Wings'.