Year 2 - Tigers
Mrs Ball, Mrs King, 

!6th November 2018
It has been a very busy and enjoyable week in Tigers. 
To begin with we were sorting different materials and discussing the criteria for our sorting. We then thought about the properties of materials and why some materials are better than others for making specific objects. We also looked at natural and man-made fabrics and even did some weaving to show how some fabrics are made. Next week we will be planning and carrying out an investigation. 

In maths we have been revising, ordering and learning more about intervals of time. Lots of confident recognition of the quarter hours and that ncludes being able to draw the time on an analogue clock. 
I love the picture that Oliver drew showing Tigers using the clocks in the carpet session.


With our Learning Partners we have designed a royal crown. Next week are going to make them and see wether or not our designs work. There a lots of very creative ideas.

In Computing we are developing our editing skills using Word. We have been typing text about Queen Elizabeth and changing the font, size and colour of the text.

We thouroughly enjoyed the Djembe drumming workshop on Wednesday morning. Steven the drummer said that he was very impressed at how well we played. We were impressed with Steven's playing too. 

Our recorder playing is coming along nicely and today we thought about the pitch of notes. We also used bells and ordered them from highest to lowest pitch. We played two new songs today and they both sounded great. Mrs Penny said she thought we were listening to a CD because it sounded so good.

It was so colourful in school today with all of the odd socks. In the classroom we have been adding comments to our kindness box all week. When someone has been kind to us or others we wrote it down to share with the class. We have also designed a pair of socks that tell people about us. We included the things that are important to us or the things we like. Have a look at some of the pictures on Tigers photo page.

I hope you have a happy and restful weekend.

9th November 2018
We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Queen Elizabeth I in history. We started the week by looking at a painting called Armada Portrait. We wanted to find out more so we thought of some questions to ask and wrote them using the correct punctuation.
We also completed a comprehension activity and found out some really interesting details about Queen Elizabeth's life.

In Art, we skillfully used oil pastels to draw a picture of Queen Elizabeth I and took time to look at each others work. We were then able to think about our own pictures and evaluate the way we used the pastels.

In Maths we have been finding fractions of amounts, using practical apparatus and jottings. We have also learnt about turns in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. We used the Beebot's to help us think about quarter, half and three quarter turns. 

In PE we played games so that we could practise our sending and recieving skills. We learnt that stillness can be part of dance and used a repeating sequence of moves at different heights to represent the music. We enjoyed watching each others dances and giving positive feedback.

We used the laptops in computing this week. We created a new document, found a picture of Queen Elizabeth I on the internet and saved it. We then inserted the saved picture into our document and edited the frame for style and colour. Next week we will add text.

I enjoyed meeting you at Parent consultations this week. You have amazing children and they are learning well. Many of you asked about the way we teach maths in Year 2, so this is a reminder that on Tuesday 20th of November there is a maths workshop at 7.30pm in the school hall. You are welcome to come and find out.  

Dont forget about Education City. There are lots of great activities for practising maths, English and science skills. Some of you asked about learning number bonds, well there is an activity called 'Secret Sums' that may help.

I hope you have a great weekend.

19th October 2018
Our first half term has come to an end and I must say how much I have enjoyed getting to know Tigers. We have learnt many new things and had lots of fun. I think you will agree that out Harvest celebration was expertly performed and we are really proud of all the year twos.

This week we have written our own story in the style of Oliver Jeffers. We read the story Stuck and thought about all of
the things our characters could throw into the tree. Lots of the children are using expanded noun phrases in their writing which is brilliant.

In Maths we have been revising 2D and 3D shapes. We sorted shapes on a Carroll diagram and for symmetry. We also made 3D shapes with learning partners.

In Science  we matched adult and young animals and wrote about the similarities and differences.

There is a homework section on Education City where the children can revise some of this half terms learning.

I hope you enjoy completeing the half term challenge and that you have a happy and relaxing half term.

12 th October 2018
Another busy, but enjoyable week in Tigers.

In English we found out about Oliver Jeffers and have written letters to him. We tried hard to make our writing the best it has ever been. We will send the letters to Oliver and hope that he replies.

In Maths we started learning about multiplication. We used cubes to make 'groups' or 'lots of' and have written a number sentence for each problem. We have also drawn arrays to work out multiplication problems.

In Geography we used an atlas to locate the continents and oceans of the world. We also learnt a song to help us remember the names of the oceans.

In PE we played some Tag rugby games. This was a taster of the PE we will be doing in Spring. Lots of excellent dodging and use of space.  We also finished learning Durham Reel in dance and watched each set perform. We all agreed that country dancing helps to keep us fit.

There were lots of visitors to the school on Thursday's open afternoon and the children were brilliant at showing them around. We were really proud of them all.

One week to go before half term and don't forget Harvest celebration on Friday morning.
Keep learning those words narrators.


5Th October 2018
It seems amazing that we are still able to play on the field in October.
The children are really enjoying their playtimes and getting plenty of exercise.

In English this week we have been writing out 'Keeping Healthy' booklets and learning that a balanced diet, exercise and healthy drinks will help keep us in tip-top condition. We learnt about the different food groups and how we need all of them in the right amount to help us grow.
In our writing we have been using subordination in our sentences by extending them with the words because, if, when and so.
Next week we are learning about the author Oliver Jeffers and look forward to reading lots of his books.

In DT, we enjoyed designing and making pizza. There was great excitement at the thought of eating them too. 

In Maths, we have been subtracting ones and tens from 2 and 3-digit numbers. We used jottings to help us calculate and have even learnt how to borrow tens. Next week we move onto multiplication with the emphasis continuing on using apparatus and jottings.

This week in dance, we started learning The Durham Reel and look forward to completing the dance next week.

To all those going to Beaver campfire, I hope you have a safe happy time and enjoy the toasted marshmallows.

Whatever you are doing this week I hope you have a great time.


28th September 2018
What a great week!
Tigers are such a caring and considerate class. We have worked in Learning Partners quite a lot this week and it has been a pleasure to see how much they cooperate.smiley

In English we have continued writing about Florence Nightingale. We needed to imagine ourselves as Florence and write a letter home to Pathenope, Sydney Herbert or her parents. The children are learning to put greater detail into the sentences they write by adding expanded noun phrases. 

In maths we have been adding two-digit numbers using number facts and jottings. We also added two-digit numbers and ones. When asked, most of the children felt that their understanding has improved this week. 

In DT we made lamps just like the one Florence Nightingale used in Scutari hospital. We had to look at a finished lamp and work out what we needed to do, in order to get the same result. Our amazing lamps are now on display on the classroom wall along with our booklets.

We continue to make progress in learning to play the recorder and have built quite a repertiore considering we only play one note at the moment.

In dance we learnt the country dance ' Circassian Circle'. We split into two groups and watched each other so that we could evaluate and revise our performance.

Next week are focusing more on subtraction. Again we will be using practical apparatus and jottings to become familiar with the place value of numbers. We will also be using our science topic as the writing focus. More about that next week.

Have a great weekend.

14th September 2018
This week, we have been learning the new routines for Year 2 and managing really well.
In English, we have been reading about Little Rabbit Foo Foo and rewriting the story in our own words. With their learning partner, the children thought of adjectives to use in their writing. We have also been learning about different types of sentences and the appropriate punctuation for each.

We started reading 'Matilda' by Roald Dahl for our class reader. 

In Maths we continued learning about place value and using jottings to represent Dienes rods in our books. We also investigated how many two and three-digit numbers we could from a given number. We then ordered them. 

In Art, we have been sketching self portraits and comparing them to those we drew at the beginning of Year One. We saw lots of development in ability and observation.

In Science we got stranded on a desert island and had to think about the things we wanted and the things we needed to survive. You will be pleased to know that mummies and daddies were mentioned quite a lot.

Next week we start learnikng about Florence Nightingale and why we remember her.
I hope you have a great weekend.


First days in Year 2
We have had two grrrrreat days settling into Tigers.
In English the children have been writing a recount of their favourite part of the summer.

In Maths we have been thinking about number and place value. We also learnt how to set out our numbers correctly.
It was lovely to see such confident swimmers in the pool today. It was such good weather and a real treat for the first week back at school.
We have been learning about growing our brains and the need for challenging learning. We watched the Growth mindset dojo videos on Youtube if you would like to have a look.
Next week we are developing our understanding of place value and retelling a popular story. We will also be listening to the children read individually.

Have a great weekend!