Year 2 - Apples
Mrs Ball, Mrs King, 

23rd June 2017
This has been a hot and tiring week. However the children have managed very well.

In Maths they have been making fruit drinks. First they had to add up the cost of the ingredients. Then find the correct coins to give to buy them. They also needed to find the correct change if they paid with a two pound coin. Once they had managed this, they were able to measure out their own ingredients and enjoy their fruity drink.

In English the children have been writing detective stories. This has inspired them as they like the idea of a crime or mystery to solve. I am looking forward to reading them.

We have selected two chicks to keep at Barnett Wood. They are both hens so in the future there should be eggs. The children have been writing information booklets about chickens and also managed to give the chicks a cuddle too.

Next week we start learning about Rio de Janeiro in Geography. This seems like the right kind of weather.

Thank you for providing a bottle of water for your child. They definitely need it and some even refill their bottle during the day.

Tomorrow will hopefully be a good day for the summer fair.
See you there.

19th May 2017
Another great week of learning. What amazing children you have!

We have been thinking about simple food chains in Science. We have learnt about the meaning of predator and prey and thought about how food chains begin with the heat and light of the sun.

In English the children have written stories that defend their choice of 'baddie' from a traditional tale. There have been some amazing excuses for their bad behaviour. We have also been learning about different suffixes and adding them to root words.

In Maths the children have been revising their dividing techniques and applying this to finding fractions of amounts. All feel they can divide with greater confidence than before, which is brilliant.

Swimming is going well and Mrs Fox has said that both swimming groups are listening and learning very well. They should be very proud of themselves.

In History, the children have been comparing London in 1666 to London in the present day. They are using lots of facts learnt during the Great Fire topic.

Those children who are in the Maypole Team are dancing well and with confidence. There will be a letter about meeting times and costume next week.


5th May 2017
What an amazing week!
In English we have been looking at exclamation sentences and trying to include at least one in our Great Fire of London diary entry.
We started the week by enacting parts of Fire of London event and there were some extremely convincing performances.

In Maths we have been subtracting amounts of money and finding change. We have also started our Ice Cream Project which the children are very excited about. Our shop is to be called 'Icy Bees' and the children will be selling ice creams on the school playground at 3pm on Friday 12th. We have found the most popular ice creams for both children and their parents and have been calculating just how many we can sell. Our order is in and we are hoping to make a good profit for our school.

In Science we have been thinking about different habitats and the living things we might find there. The children are enjoying using the app 'Picolage' to record their learning.

In Dance we have started to learn the Spider's Web, which was tricky to begin with. However by the end of the lesson the children were grasping the dance pattern well.

Don't forget that swimming starts next week. I am told that the water is going to be very warm.

Have a great weekend x

21st April 2017
Welcome back everyone!
It has been lovely hearing the children's holiday news. The weather was brilliant and some of you even swam in the sea. Brrr!

First of all I would like to congratulate the children on their holiday challenge. The posters have a clear message and they are helping us remember all the ways to stay safe around the pool.

In English we have been following, evaluating and writing instructions. The children now realise that, when writing their command sentences, they need to be clear and concise. We have also been learning about vers in the past tense.

In maths we have been estimating the position of numbers on different number lines, sequencing numbers and shapes and partitioning numbers in a different ways.

This morning we had our first Maypole dancing session and I have to say that everyone in Apples can skip brilliantly. The children learnt to hold the ribbons correctly and how to dance safely. There is a letter coming home today with regards to the children dancing at Ashtead Village Day. Please return the form as soon as possible so that we can  start to build our Maypole team. 

We also went to the wildlife area today, to look for things that are living, not living and have never lived. It is a bonus having such a great place to learn.

Next week we start our Fire of London topic and we can't wait to find answers to the questions we have about this amazing event in London's history.

Have a great weekend and don't forget to read, read, read.

31st March 2017
Holiday Challenge is in book bags.

24th March 2017

This week the children have been writing the last page of their Bean Diary. Unfortunately some of the seeds have not germinated but we are still waiting patiently to see if anything happens. However, we looked inside a bean seed to see the different parts and were surprised to see a baby plant ready to sprout. Next week we will be learning about the life-cycle of a plant.

In Maths we have been estimating capacity and problem solving with millilitres.
We have aslo been collecting data to answer a question and drawing our own graphs on the laptops.  

We have learnt all the songs for the Yr 2 Arts festival and enjoyed singing them with Pears.
We will be singing:
Let's go fly a kite, Kye Kye Kule, Frere Jacques, Kookaburra and The lion sleeps tonight. As our school solo we will be playing two pieces on the recorder.  

We had our last rehersal for the dance performance on the last day of term and are looking forward to seeing you there at 10.15.

To all of those off to Beaver sleepover this weekend. We hope you have a great time and remember to look after each other.

To all of the amazing mums in Apples......Happy Mother's Day!

17th March
It was really good to catch up with you all this week and share all the positive progress the children have made in Year 2.
As part of our learning about the book ' The day the crayons quit', the children have written some very persuasive letters and have taken on a character in order to write in the first person. They then had the opportunity to read their letter aloud to check for punctuation and to make the meaning clear.

In Maths, we have been multiplying and dividing amounts of money. The children are learning to use the inverse to find missing numbers and learning to find relevant information in word problems.

The children's pencil pot designs are being built and some are ready for painting.

In Science, we continue to record the growth of plants and how we need to care for living things. Some beans are refusing to shoot, but we are also observing some bulbs grown in different conditions so there is plenty to discuss.


10th March
We were so lucky with the weather for our trip to Wisley. The children were extremely well behaved and enjoyed learning about plants and how they grow. We spent most of the time in the gardens observing and drawing a variety of plants. We also collected parts of plants to create creatures. This is one of them, but there are some other pictures from our trip on the Class photo page.

In Maths we have been reasoning about shapes and making sure we can match shapes to their names and properties.

In English we have been reading 'The day the crayons quit' which the children are enjoying. Next week they will be writing their own letter to Duncan and are already coming up with some great ideas for this.

This morning we took a walk around the school looking at how the building has changed over the last 110 years. The children were amazed at the little sectrets hidden in the buildings features.

We have also been recording what has happened to the bean seeds we planted last week. Some have started to shoot already!

A huge thank you to all of you who are able to help in school. It is very much appreciated.
I look forward to speaking to you about your child's progress at parent consultations next week.
*REMINDER - Don't forget about Education City. There is a My City Homework with a selection of activities that are relevant to our current learning.


24th February
Welcome back to the second half of the Spring Term. We are half way through the school year and there is still lots to learn.

The children are being encouraged to join their writing, if they are not already doing so, and making good progress too.

In English we have started learning about the history of Barnett Wood School. Mr Ball came in to talk to the children about his school days in the 50's and 60's. The children had written their questions and were surprised by some of the answers. It is always nice for the children to talk to people with first hand experience of what they are learning about. If you have any historical facts about the school do please share them with us.

In Maths we have been adding amounts of money. We completed lots of reasoning activities and investigations which gave the children opportunities to work systematically. The children were also keen to hear about the new one pound coin and what it will look like.

Thank you all for the tubes, boxes and yogurt pots. We have already looked at and evaluated a variety of pencil pots so the children are now ready to design their own.

On Monday we went into the school grounds to look at a range of plant life. We saw many signs of Spring that sunny afternoon.

We are listening to the children's favourite music and they are noticing the different tempo, pitch and genre of their choices. The children are discussing how the music makes them feel and appreciating other people's choices almost as much as their own.

We wish Isabella a speedy recovery and hope to see you back soon.

Don't forget fairy tale dress up day on Monday.
Have a good weekend!

10th February
This has been a great half term! The children have been learning well and they have made a good deal of progress.

The children have finished their booklets about hot and cold countries and they have been extending their sentences using: because, that, if and when.


In maths we spent half of the week learning about equivalent fractions and finding 3/4 of amounts and the rest of the week learning about time. Most of the children have grasped the quarter hours now which is brilliant. We have also been looking at five minute intervals. It is always helpful to get the children to tell you the time at different times throughout the day. Also, Education city has some good fun activities for time.

We have also been dancing with Mr Rae and learning a complicated but very effective dance. The children can't wait to show you next half term.

We all wish Isaac a speedy recovery and hope his half term is restful and good fun.

For those who may have mislaid the holiday challenge, the children need to choose their favourite piece of music and review it. The need to say why it is their favourite and anything else they wish to tell the class about it. (e.g. types of instrument, what it is about) 

Have a great half term everyone and here is an Apples Valentines for you all.

3rd February
In Maths this week we have been dividing using sharing and grouping. We then moved on to use some of the strategies learnt to find fractions of amounts. We have also been reasoning about equivalent fractions. We will continue to look at fractions at the beginning of next week and tie them into time.

In English we have been writing our own story inspired by the painting, Stormy Weather by Bonnie Rogers. The children have been creative with their ideas. Once finished, the children went back to improve their own work.

20th January
This week seems to have flown by!
We have spent the week subtracting two and three-digit numbers. We have also been mentally adding and subtracting multiples of ten from and to two-digit numbers during registration time.

The children have created and written some brilliant poems about the weather and have learnt the poem Weather at work by Jenni Morris, by heart.

In Geography we are learning about hot and cold countries. We started by looking at Norway and used an atlas to discover some of its features. I have also asked the children if they can find out another fact about Norway to share with the class next week.

In art we continued to look at The Umbrellas by Renoir. Instead of using different shades of blue, the children were asked to paint their umbrellas in bright colours and to then create a pattern in a contrasting colour.
Have a look at some of them below.


13th January

How brilliant to hear how many children had a chance to play in the snow yesterday. They all seemed to have a great time.

In school this week we have been collecting data about the weather in order to answer the question:
Is the teprerature around school colder in the morning when compared to the afternoon?
The children have been using this data to write a weather diary.

In Maths we have been adding two,three and four digit numbers using the partitioning method. Everyone has made a good amount of progress! 

In art we are looking at famous artists and how they represent the waether in their work. We have started with a painting by Pierre-Auguste Renior called 'The Umbrellas'. We have started by investigating how many different tints of blue we could make. Renoir mixed so many!

This half term the children have a choice of lunchtime clubs. Monday is Board games, Tuesday is Popstars and Thursday is Colouring club. All seem to be very popular.

Have a restful weekend and dont forget to read!

6th January 2017
Happy New Year everyone!
The children have been eager to talk about their Christmas holiday and they have written some brilliant recounts.
In maths we have been partitioning two and three-digit numbers and finding doubles.
In Computing, the children have enjoyed learning about algorithms and writing instructions using the program 2go.
Mr Rae is back and the children had a great dance session on Thursday morning. Perhaps you could ask them to show you some of the moves they have learnt.
Have a lovely birthday on Sunday Isaac and many congratulations to Sam's family on the arrival of Daisy.

2nd December 2016
It's official, Christmas has arrived at Barnett Wood.
DT day was a huge success and I would like to thank all of those parents who helped on Tuesday. The children loved it. There is still sewing to do if you have a spare hour.

We have been learning about money and had an enjoyable session where the children had to produce shapes to sell. This gave them lots of opportunity to handle coins, make amounts and work out change.

In English we have been looking at Roald Dahl and how he describes characters in his books. Next week the children will be writing a character profile for a new character.

25th November 2016
This week we have been learning about materials and their everyday uses. We have used our English session learning new vocabulary and taking part in discussions about materials. There has been a lot of investigating and co-operative work.

In maths we have been weighing and reading scales. The children understand how to weigh correctly and are comparing obviously different weights successfully.

We have started one of our Christmas DT activities and can't wait for Tuesday when we can make all of our other decorations. Many thanks to all of the parents that offered to help.

Our assembly at the Baptist Church on Thursday was all about signs of Autumn and looking after the creatures that we see at this time of year.
There is still four weeks of term to go so please ensure the children get lots of early nights.
I hope you have a great weekend!

18th November 2016
This morning there were lots of visitors at Barnett Wood School and the year twos did a brilliant job of showing them their school.
We have been learning about time and we will carry on with this next week.

In English and history the children have been learning about Queen Elizabeth I.
I must say the children are really enjoying their history this half term.


11th November 2016
This week we have been learning more about The Gunpowder Plot and creating a variety of firework pictures. These are the biggest ones, but we also did some paint blowing and digital pictures on the laptops.  The children have been writing booklets about the event and the famous people involved.

In maths this week we have been learning about fraction and dividing into groups of equal amounts.
The children really enjoyed finding fractions with slices of toast.
We answered the question how can you share three slices of toast between two people? It was interesting to see the variety of answers.

In dance we are learning to lead and follow moves as a class and in pairs.
This morning we took part in two minutes silence to remember those who fought in wars for our country. We made simple poppies by following written instructions.

It was good to meet with you all on the parents evenings and I think you will agree that the children are having fun and learning so much.

Next week we will be learning about Queen Elizabeth I.
I hope you have a brilliant weekend!


4th November 2016
What a very busy and productive week we have had!
It has been brilliant hearing the children talk about their favourite famous people and they are doing so with increasing confidence.
Throughout the school the children have been learning traditional tales and our's was Jack and the Beanstalk. We have read different verions and writtten a version of the story from the Wolf's perspective. We are trying to use the correct punctuation and our class target is to include expanded noun phrases in our writing.
In Maths we have been learning about fractions. It was great fun solving fraction problems with toast and there was a lot of good discussion between Learning Partners.


What a busy week!
In English we have been writing questions. We wanted to find out about Tim Hopgood and used his website to answer some of our questions. However we couldn't find all the answers so we have written him a letter and hope he will write back to us.

We have been learning lots of ways to multiply. Including arrays, grouping and repeated addition. We are also learning our 2, 5 and 10 times tables and playing some fun games to practise them.

In geography we have been locating the seven continents and five oceans of the world. I wonder if they can find them in an atlas at home?

We are proud to announce that we have filled our pebble vase and will be having a treat on Wednesday. We had to start every sentence with a capital letter. For our treat we have chosen a short film and popcorn. If there is time we might also have a small disco.


Is it really week five already?
This week we have been using jottings in maths to subtract one and two digit numbers.
We are also spending time counting on and back in twos and the children think that counting backwards is more difficult.
In English we have been writing sentences about the five different food groups. The sentences had to be extended with the words
or, because, if, or when. We will be using some of these sentences for our 'Keeping Healthy' display board.
We have also been using the LearnPads to take selfies and then annotate them with a sentence about how we keep fit.
In Geography, we have been using atlases to locate countries, capital cities and surrounding waters of the UK.
We are having great fun learning the Durham Reel and realising what good exercise dance can be.
Recorders are sounding great and we have now learnt two pieces with the note B.
One of the highlights of the week was making pizza. They looked so good!


First full week
We have already learnt so much!

Apples are focussing on learning new classroom routines at the moment and have already settled nicely in to their new classroom.
Over the next fortnight, it is our turn to be Ambassadors and we are looking forward to helping others in school.

REMINDER - It is very important to label school uniform. We are trying to return items straight away, but as you can imagine this is tricky without a name. It will also allow the children to become more responsible for their own belongings.