Year 2 - Alliums
Mrs Ball, Mrs King, 

20th April 2018
We are loving the sunshine in our first week back.
The children have been out and about looking at different habitats around school and listing things that are alive, dead or never been alive. They worked brilliantly together.

For English this week, the children have been editing, writing and following instructions. We revised the fact that this type of sentence is a command sentence and they thought about the imeperative verbs that have been used. The children particularly enjoyed making their blow ball toy and followed the instructions well.

In Maths we have been partitioning numbers in different ways and learning more about capacity. Here is one of the problems they had to reason about.
Order the containers from smallest capacity to largest capacity.

This is the result.

We also measured ingredients for Allium's Marvellous Medicine which would make Granny super strong. Lots of accurate reading of scales during this activity.

In Art the children have been painting a habitat. We will be using these for a classroom display. They could choose which habitat and they needed to fill their piece of paper completely. We focused on making a good background and then adding detail.

Thank you for providing the children with sun hats. It is really important in this sunny weather and much better for them to have their own. Please remember to name them.

Many congratulations to Sophia and Roya for the brilliant work you took into Achiever's assembly this week. Keep up the great learning.

I hope you have a chance to enjoy the fine weather.

23rd March 2018
What a busy and exciting week!
Two highlights this week. The first was the Year 2 Arts Festival at West Ashtead. The children sang with six songs with other schools but also played their recorders and glockenspiels for Barnett Wood's contribution. The headteacher commented on how clear and crisp the sound was. Well done everyone! 

The other performance this week was the amazing dance session on Thursday morning. It was good to see so many parents in the audience. The children have had a chance to watch their performance and feel very proud of themselves.

In English, we have been doing lots of reading comprehension. We have also written recounts of our Arts Festival making sure we write in the past tense.

In Maths, we learned more about statistics and collected data to answer questions. We also represented the data on a graph. There has been a lot of interpreting data this week too. The children asked and answered questions about a variety of pictograms and graphs.  

Our stationary pots are nearly finished and should be coming home next week. The children have been busy painting, making and joining the different elements they needed for thier projects.

This week in History, we became detectives and walked around the school looking for clues which tell us about the building in the past. We found old doorways, tiles and outside toilets. We compared the building now with pictures of the past to see the differences.

In Science, we have completed the second page of our plant diaries. The children are writing sentences using comparative vocabulary.  They are measuring their sunflower and bean plants and commenting on the differences and similarities they see.

Congratulations for achievers last week - Jacob for his co-operation, concentration and enthusiasm in Dance and Liam who presented his holkiday challenge brilliantly.
This week's achievers are Ronan for his use of comparative language in his plant diary and Amelia for her recount of Mr Ball's visit.

Have a great weekend!

9th March 2018
Book week is always great fun and this week has been no exception.

The children have been making up silly poems using rhyming couplets and have also created a special peom for Sunday (Shhhhh!) Lots of rhyming and sharing of favourite poems with their class and with Daisies. The children had lots of great questions for Christian Darkin, our visiting author. He probably could have spent all day just answering them.

Another highlight this week was of course our amazing trip to Wisley. The sun shone and we all got a little biy muddy. We drew, searched for and collected different parts of plants and even planted some Pacelia seeds. Judy the lady at Wisley said that they would be better growing outside as they would grow slowly and be stronger. 
The children behaved brilliantly and answered lots of Judy's questions correctly. They have learnt so much about plants. We even joined hands around the trunk of Wisley's famous, two hundred year old sequoia tree, which was a real treat.
A huge thank you to all the parent helpers who came with us.

Mr Rae taught the children a dance to a song from 'The Cat in the Hat' and the children learnt it in one session! Hopefully you will see this if you attend our dance performance on 22nd March.

Congratulations to Rhianna and Aidan for the very funny and rhyming poems that they shared in achiever's assembly.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at parent consultaions next week.
Have a great weekend.


23rd February 2018
We have had a great first week to the half term.
In English we have been reading 'The Day the Crayons Quit' and writing persuasive letters to Duncan. We planned our letters thinking about why we were writing the letter and what we wanted Duncan to do.  The letters are very entertaining. We have also been learning about how to add the suffix 'ly' to root words and next week we will be adding the suffix 'ing'.

In maths, we have been subtracting amounts of money and solving missing number problems. We really enjoyed finding how much change the three little pigs would get when they bought the materials they needed for their houses.

In science, we have started learning more about plants. We will be planting seeds and bulbs next week.

In dance, Mr Rae asked the children to choreograph their own dance celebrating Chinese New Year. The cooperation and eye contact between the children was amazing.

Congratulations to Nicole and Theo for taking their writing into Achiever's Assembly this week and to Amelia and Hadyn for taking their Maths learning into Achiever's the last week before half term.

The children have enjoyed hearing about some of the things Mrs Penny saw whilst she was away, especially the koalas.

Have a great weekend!

2nd February 2018
Over the past two weeks we have been looking at the painting Stormy Weather by Bonnie Rogers. The children have written some amazing stories inspired by the picture and have had time to edit and improve thier own work.

In Maths we have been dividing amounts and finding fractions of amounts. Focusing on three quarters and thirds. However to emphasise that fractions are part of a whole , we carried out a Smarties investigation which was great fun.

We have been writing algorithms using the program 2go and learning how to debug instructions in a systematic way. The children are learning to plan the moves carefully.

This week we started looking at a world map to find hot and cold places and their proximity to the equator and poles. Next week we will be writing an information booklet about Norway and Mali and their weather.

In Science last week we carried out our ice investigation and this week we have planned an investigation to answer the question 'Do all foods melt when heated?' We will find out next week.

In music we have started learning songs for the Year 2 Arts Festival. We began by learning 'The Runaway Train'. We have also been playing along to familiar tunes on the glockenspiels.

Last week our achievers were Amy for her own version of 'Stormy Night' and Zack for his drawing correct arrays to solve multiplication sentences.
This week Callum and Hadyn took their fractions learning into achievers assembly . Congratulations to you all.

Have a great weekend!

19thJanuary 2018
It was good to see some of you at the open afternoon today. It is lovely for the children to be able to share thier learning with you.

This week, the children have been writing their own rhyming weather poems. They have been learning the poem 'Weather at work' by Jenny Morris by heart and have added some actions too. We started the week by looking for weather pictures on the internet and collecting as many adjectives and descriptive phrases as possible. The children then wrote their poems in the style of Jenny Morris and learnt how to find the rhyming words they needed. Today, the children have been writing up their poems in neat, after making improvements where neccesary. I have to say, I am very impressed!

In maths, we have been revising and learning more about subtraction. We have used a variety of strategies to solve problems with two-digit and three-digit numbers. The level of confidence when using jottings and partitioning to calculate has improved hugely.

Mr Rae is back and the children thoroughly enjoyed their first dance session on Thursday. They were learning a dance to the Trolls soundtack and managed some quite tricky steps. We cant wait to find out what comes next.

In Science, we have planned an investigation that will be carried out next week. We have thought about how to answer the question, what equipment we will need, how we will make it a fair test and what we will record. We will tell you more about it next week.

In art, the children are looking at the picture 'Tiger in a tropical storm' by Henri Roussaeu and creating their own collage in the same style. There are quite a lotof layers in this picture and lots of leaves to cut out. 

In computing, we have been writing algorithms using the program 2go. The children enjoy this and are learning that their instructions sometimes need debugging in order to work as planned.

In music we have been learning the song ' Sanibonani' which is an echo song in an African style. We played the glockenspiels and took turns to lead the song. The children are making steady progress with playing the recorder and there are definitely less squeaks when we play together.

Congratulations to Isabel and Ralph for showing their maths learning in achievers assembley last week. This week it is Verity and Austin's learning we are celebrating, so well done to you too!

We wish Nicole a great birthday on Sunday and can't wait to hear all about it next week.

Have a great weekend! 


Happy New Year 2018
I hope you had a great Christmas. The children have been writing a recount about their favourite times over the holiday. They have used interesting phrasing and are focusing on correct punctuation. Congratulations to Scarlett and Koby for showing your work in Achievment assembly.

We learnt a new tune on our recorders today and we are playing B A G with confidence.

In Maths we have been learning about place value and matching number words and digits.

In Science we have designed an investigation to answer the question :
        'Is the local weather colder in the morning or in the afternoon?'
Next week we will be measuring temperature and rainfall. We will also be recording weather conditions so we can answer our question.

In art we have made a calendar for 2018 and practised using the very tip of our paintbrush to paint our Alliums.
We have also been researching famous paintings that depict the weather. As a class we have decided to create our own version of 'Tiger in a tropical storm' by Henri Rousseau. We will be finding out more about the artist and painting next week.

Have a great weekend.


21st December 2017
Dear Alliums,
May we please start by saying a heartfelt thank you to all of you for your generous gifts, We feel extremely spoilt. 

What a great performance the children gave us on Tuesday! They should feel very proud of themselves.
On Wednesday the children tried their first reading comprehension booklet and managed very well.

In maths, we collected data to answer the question 'In Alliums, what is the most popular song in the Christmas concert?'  Once we had our data we drew a graph showing the results. 

The children are progressing well with playing the recorder and started learning a new tune with the note G.

Mrs King, Mrs Skogstad and myself wish you all the happiest of times this Christmas.
See you all in 2018!


15th December 2017
This week we rehearsed our Christmas performance and I must say it is looking very promising. The children have learnt most of their words which is brilliant!  Dress rehearsal on Monday so thank you for sending in the costumes in good time.

This week the children have been learning 'A visit from St Nicholas' by Clement Clarke-Moore. We thought about the meaning of phrases and new vocabulary. Later in the week the children planned their own  poems using senses to describe Christmas. They then had a chance to perform thier poems using the correct intonation.

In Maths we have been using standard measures to find the length, width and height of many objects. We have also been comparing and finding a difference between the measurement of our own and our friends arm span.

We had a great time singing for Evergreen at the church on Wednesday. The club members enjoyed our visit immensly and the children recieved a satsuma from Father Christmas as thanks. I was very proud of them.

Christmas lunch today was a joyful occassion. It is always a great experience having the whole school sit down together to share a meal. We told jokes, sang songs and enjoyed the conversation. I heard about many elves who had been getting up to some very naughty antics at home.

Four very busy days to go.
Have a great weekend!

8th DECEMBER 2017
What a busy week!
First of all I would like to thank those parents and grandparents who kindly helped the children finish their sewing. The snowmen look brilliant!

This week the children have been making mini Christmas cakes and will be decorating them with regard to their planned design. They have also created a gift tag using Word and edited it's shape and colour.

In English, the children have been writing a character profile and revisiting it in order to edit and improve their work. This is the early stage of editing and all succeeded in improving their own writing.

This week the children have been counting and calculating money. On Friday they enjoyed buying resources to produce shapes and then selling them to earn money. It was a game that helps them to understand how money is earned and also how to calculate change. It was great fun!

At the moment it is difficult to hear all the readers I would like, due to cooking cakes and other Christmas activities. However, we will get through as many as we can in turn and thank you for your patience.

I can't believe it will be Week 7. We have Christmas lunch next Friday so get your festive jokes ready.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around school now.
The Christmas tree has arrived and is ready for the fair on Sunday.
The classroom looks very festive with all the children's decorations hanging above.
A huge thank you to all of those who came to help on DT Day. You know we can't do it without you and the children loved it. There is still sewing to do if you have a spare hour.

This week we have been revising and learning more about subtraction. We are using jottings to emphasise the value of numbers and are beginning to learn about subtracting with partitioning. We will continue with this next week and subtract amounts of money.

In English we have learnt about Roald Dahl. We love the way he describes his characters and have been thinking about a new character 'Little Twit' who is the child of the horrible Mr and Mrs Twit. We started by doing lots of talking about our character and then we painted a picture of them. Next week we will be writing a character profile for them and using lots of expanded noun phrases and descriptive phrases.

In Dance we were thinking about the way that different toys move. The children chose the toys and put together a sequence of dance moves to repeat. It was amazing to see how they used their bodies to become the toys and how well they worked with their partner.

Next week will be making a mini Christmas cake and have enjoyed designing how the top of our cake will be decorated.

Hope to see you all at the fair on Sunday.


24TH November 2017
We had a great time on our cinema visit and the children behaved brilliantly! We are lucky to have this opportunity and are very grateful to all of those who offered to help. We couldn't do it without you.

In the classroom we have been learning about mass and measuring in standard units. We are getting better at reasoning about our maths and explaining our ideas.

Our English has been linked to Science again this week. We have been designing, carrying out and writing about investigations. We enjoyed finding out which paper was best at mopping up a spillage and were very scientific in our approach.

In computing we have been editing our Queen Elizabeth I text by changing the font colour, style and size.

In PE we have been learning to balance with our Learning Partners by supporting each other and by performing the same balance in parallel. The children are thinking hard about making their work poised and strong.

We are enjoying our walks around the all-weather track and we are counting the laps towards our walking challenge. At the moment we have walked 287km. Just another 1120km to go.

It was great to hear all about Aidan's birthday on Monday and wish Austin a happy birthday for Sunday. We can't wait to hear about that too.

Have a restful weekend as we start our count down to Christmas with our DT day on Wednesday.
It should be great fun.

17th November
What a busy week!
It was really good to meet with you all last week.
This week we have been learning more about time and really thinking hard about the position of the hour hand and the quarter hours. We have also been thinking about intervals of time and ordering them correctly.

Our English this week is connected to the science topic of materials. We have been writing factual sentences to answer questions. We have also sorted objects and talked about their properties using lots of new vocabulary.
Yesterday we looked at fabrics and whether they were natural or man-made. The children enjoyed using a magnifying glass to look at how the fabric is woven. In the afternoon Reid's mum helped us to weave a sample for our topic booklet.

In gymnastics we have been balancing on different parts of our body and learning to be poised and strong in our moves. Dance this week helped us to develop our partner work by following the leader and copying their every move.

This week we have been thinking about how amazing we all are and yet how different. We have enjoyed wearing odd socks to show that different is alright. That being ourselves is a good thing.
In History we learnt about Queen Elizabeth II and compared her life with that of Queen Elizabeth I.
The children were brilliant at spotting the simalarities and differences.

We are looking forward to the cinema trip next Tuesday. Just a reminder that we will be leaving school promptly after registration in order to catch the train.
Have a great weekend!

3rd November 2017
This week we have been learning lots of detail about The Gunpowder Plot. We have been writing factual sentences and thinking about whether Guy Fawkes and Robert Catesby were right to try and kill King James I.

In Maths, we have been investigating fractions as equal parts of a whole shape. We will be learning about fractions of amounts and equivalent fractions. We made pizza pictures to show different fractions and they will be displayed on the classroom wall. We also learnt about half and quarter turns with Mrs Leyland.

This week we started indoor PE and we are learning about poise and strength of moves. We travelled in a variety of directions and added balances to show how controlled our bodies can be.

In computing we have been creating firework pictures using either Colour Magic or Draw. They were amazing!

I wish you all a safe Bonfire Night.


This week we have been learning about multiplication and have been making arrays and 'lots of' amounts to calculate our answers. The children enjoy using pictures and jotting to calculate and it helps to build their confidence when using larger numbers. I am impressed with the amount of Alliums that already know many of the times tables.
Don't forget about Education City, it has many activities to help the children learn.

In English, we have been carrying out an author study of Oliver Jeffers. We have formulated questions and used websites to research the answers. The children have also written letters to Oliver to find out more. We were focusing on using the correct punctuation and extending sentences.
Next week we will be writing our own version of 'Stuck'.

In PE this week, we played ball games and the children's aiming skills are definitely improving. We also performed our country dance to Tulips and Mrs Penny. It was amazing!

In Art we collaged items for our hall board, focusing on using appropriate materials, filling shapes completely and working together. The display looks brilliant so do take a look.

In Geography, we located the oceans and continents of the world and made sure we labelled using capital letters for proper nouns. This was a challenge for those who are focusing on making their writing smaller, but they managed very well.

Holiday Challenge will be in the children's book bag this week. I can't believe we are nearing the end of our first half term together. They are a great bunch!

Enjoy your weekend.

6TH October 2017
What amazing learning this week!
We have linked Science and English and written a booklet about healthy living. Our grammar focus was to use if, that, when and because to extend sentences. This is the how we introduce the idea of subordinate clauses. We learnt about the different food groups and why it is important to have a balanced diet. We also learnt about the importance of water and exercise for our bodies to stay healthy.

Our DT was also linked to Science and the children thoroughly enjoyed making their pizzas. Today we are evaluating them and thinking of ways to make our product better.

In Maths we have been learning about subtraction and using jottings to subtract two-digit numbers.
The children all thought it was more difficult to count back than to count forward. Definitely something to practise at home.

In Art we have been using our imagination to create created pictures of germs for our hall board. They are very imaginative and colourful. We used free drawing and paint.

Today we have beeen using an atlas to locate countries of the UK and their capital cities. We have also found and labelled the surrounding seas and oceans.

In Dance we started to learn the Durham Reel which is a dance that some mums and dads may have learnt when they were at school. We hope to show Tulips our dance when we have learnt it all.

Have a great weekend!


22nd September 2017
This week we have celebrated Enes' and Reid's birthday, so now we have three seven year olds in Alliums.
We have been learning about Florence Nightingale and why we remember her. In English, we have written booklets about her life and remembered to use good punctuation.
 We are really enjoying our history especially watching the Magic Grandad DVD.

In maths we have been continuing to learn about place value and how numbers work. We even used one pound, ten  and one penny coins to partition amounts. We have a good understanding of place value now and can't wait to try thousands!

In science we are learning about being hygienic to stay healthy. That means washing ourselves and our clothes regularly, cleaning our teeth properly, and using tissues correctly. We made a class promise to help us remember.

In dance this week we learnt the Circassian Circle, which was great fun and good exercise. We really like the music because it makes us feel happy.

It was loverly to see you all at 'Meet the Teacher' on Wednesday. I really do think it's going to be a great year.

We send lots of love to Sienna and wish her a speedy recovery.
Have a great weekend!

15 September 2017
Welcome back everyone!
The children are settling in well and have been carrying out their ambassador jobs with enthusiasm.

In English, we have been describing characters in the story 'Little Rabbit Foo Foo.' The children have also re-written the story in the style of a traditional tale. The children have their first spellings to learn and you will find them in their spelling books.

In Maths, we have been partitioning and recombining 2 and 3-digit numbers. We started doing this practically and then with jottings. The children then partitioned using number sentences to record. They are learning to be systematic when carrying out investigations.

We all got stranded on a desert island in science this week. The children had to think about the things they would miss from home (you will be glad to hear that parents featured on the list) and the things they actually needed to survive.

In computing, we have been using the Learpads to take photos and an app called PicCollage to create a montage.

It was great to see so many confident children in the swimming pool. They all seemed very happy learning with their friends.

I hope you have a good and restful weekend.