Year 1 - Strawberries
Miss Roberts, Mrs Manders, 

23rd June
What a busy week we have had! In English we read the Just-So story 'How the camel got his hump'. The children used the story language we have been learning to retell the story in their own words and they all did a brilliant job. In Maths we have been practising the place value of each digit in a number and have enjoyed playing the 'guess the number' game, asking questions such as 'Does it have 5 tens?' and 'Is it an even number'? Perhaps you could play it together at home? The children have created beautiful African sunset paintings and are enjoying learning about the animals that live there.
Have a great weekend and I hope to see lots of you at the school fair tomorrow!

16th June
Well done Strawberries! This week they filled up the class marble jar and earnt a treat! They chose to have ice lollies on the school field- yum! Strawberries earn marbles for whole class efforts, for example showing good team work or everyone remembering to use capital letters in their writing.
We are now in full-swing with our Kenya topic, which will have a big focus on the animals that live there. In English we have been reading stories about African animals and describing a savannah setting. Our Maths topic this week has been place value and the children have become really confident saying how many tens and units are in a number.

Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

26th May
I can't believe we are at the end of another term- and what an exciting and busy half term it has been! This week the children worked brilliantly with their learning partner to write an acrostic poem. Thank you to all the children who brought their favourite poems from home- we have all enjoyed listening to them. In Maths we have been solving missing number problems (for example 5 + ? =  12  and 16 = 10 + ?) and revising number bonds to 10. To complete our castle topic, the children have designed, made and painted a clay shield. The children were so excited to do this and they all look fantastic.
Have a brilliant half term and we will see you on Tuesday 6th June!

19th May
Our Maths topic this week has been capacity. The children have explored this practically by estimating how much they think a container holds and then seeing how accurate they were. I have encouraged the children to look on drink bottles at home to see how many litres they contain.
In English the children have been developing their story writing skills by thinking about story language. They all wrote beautiful stories called 'The Knight Snores On'.
Next week we will be learning about poetry. The children can bring in a favourite poem or poetry book to share with the class if they would like.
Have a great weekend!

12th May
With swimming starting and our trip to Hever Castle, this week has certainly been a busy one! Our trip was brilliant and the children gained so much from seeing a real castle. We began by looking around the castle and spotting the features we had learnt about, such as the drawbridge, the portcullis, the moat and the arrow slits. The children were really interested to learn about Henry V111 and Anne Boleyn. We had a lovely picnic on the castle grounds, even if a few cheeky ducks wanted to share our lunch! After lunch we took a walk around the castle gardens and then completed the maze- well done to Mrs Manders' group as they were first to find their way out! The children all behaved so well and I was very proud of them all. Please take a look at our photographs.
Back at school, the children have reflected on the trip and what they learnt. Our topic in Maths has been division and the children have learnt to share numbers by drawing 'dots in pots'.
Thank you to all those who have signed up to help with swimming- we really appreciate it. I have a pair of green swimming trunks in the classroom that have lost their owner- please let me know if you think they might be yours.
Have a good weekend!

5th May
Another week has flown by! In English this week we read the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' as part of our learning on repetitive texts. Today the children wrote their own version linking it with our topic- 'We're Going on a Dragon Hunt'. All their ideas have been fantastic! Our Maths topic has been finding half and a quarter of a shape and number. The children have been encouraged to use objects and draw pictures to find their answers.
As the weather is (on the whole!) getting warmer, please can I remind everyone to come to school with a water bottle and labelled jumpers and cardigans. It makes it much easier to return belongings to the right person. Thank you!

22nd April
We are now in full swing with our castle topic. This week the children have done some fantastic descriptive writing of a castle setting and are making collages of people who live in a castle. We have thought about the different jobs that needed doing- nobody fancied being a gong farmer becasue their job was to clean out the toilet! In Maths we have been learning to tell the time to the hour, half hour and quarter past the hour, as well as solving problems such as what the time will be in 2 hours?
Over the last 2 weeks I have been reading a phonics booklet with all the children. This has meant I may not have heard your child read their reading book but they have done some individual reading with me.
Enjoy the bank holiday weekend and I will see you on Tuesday!

21st April
Welcome back to the Summer term!
This half term Year 1 will be learning about Castles. We began our topic by the children thinking about what they would like to find out about castles and have already learnt a Medieval dance!
Our Maths topic has been subtraction and using the different vocabulary that tells us we are taking away- minus, less, how many left, subtract and take away.
Strawberries enjoyed walking around the track today looking for evergreen and deciduous trees- I wonder which ones you can find in your garden?

31st March
Wow I can't believe the Spring term is over! But what a great term it has been! This week the children have learnt about different Spring festivals celebrated by different religions. They were interested to find out about Easter, Passover and Holi. Yesterday the children made Easter boxes, hoping for a little treat... Well the Easter bunny must have found out the children have been learning about directions because the children had to follow directions before collecting their egg!
The performance with Mr Rae was a great way to end the term and I was so proud of all the children. What great dance moves they all have!
I have put a new set of Buzz Words in the children's bookbags. Practising these words really does have a positive impact on their reading and writing.
Enjoy your Easter break and I look forward to seeing you all back in the Summer term! 

24th March
The children looked fantastic today dressed in their red clothes! Well done and thank you for the donations!
In Maths this week we have been learning how to measure length. We began by using non-standard units of measure (cubes) and by the end of the week the children were using standard units of measure (cm).
In English we have been writing cinquain poems. They are poems with 5 lines and there is a rule for each line.
Line 1- the title
Line 2- 2 describing words for the title
Line 3- 3 verbs (doing words) ending in 'ing'.
Line 4- a short sentence
Line 5- a different word for the title.
This is the cinquain poem we wrote as a class about strawberries
Red scrumptious
Trying tasting eating
They are super yummy.
Don't forget to check your book bags. The children have made something for a special grown up....

17th March
This week we have been learning about Northern Ireland. As it is St Patrick's Day today, we celebrated by watching some of Riverdance and then having a go! We are not quite as good at all doing it at the same time yet.... The children have begun work on their Spring booklets and they are looking forward to sharing them with Reception before the end of term. In Maths we have been recapping tens and units and practising counting in 5s. Perhaps they could practise at home by counting 5p coins?
Have a lovely weekend and see you next week!