Year 1 - Orchids
Miss Roberts, Mrs Manders, 

6th July
What a super sports morning and picnic we had! The children all competed so sensibly in their races and showed great team work- we were very proud.
Our English focus has been writing informative texts and the children wrote a piece of work explaining all they have learnt about Africa. This week we looked specifically at Kenya and used the atlases to identify key geographical features, for example, mountains and capital cities.
In Maths we completed our topic on time and the children have really grown in confidence when making different times and learning about time intervals.
This week we have also enjoyed some very sunny swimming lessons, produced African themed art and practised our Sports Day races.
Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy the sunshine!


29th June
The children are continuing to have a lot of fun learning about Animals in Africa! In Science we have focused on grouping animals by mammal, bird, fish, reptile or amphibian and are learning to use the terms ‘herbivore’ and ‘carnivore’. In English, the children chose their favourite African animal and produced an information leaflet to share all the facts they have learnt.
Our Maths topic this week and next week is using the correct vocabulary when telling the time (e.g. before, after, seconds, minutes, hours), as well as telling the time to the hour and half past the hour on an analogue clock. They are also learning to say what the time will be in 1 hour.
On Wednesday Orchids had great fun making ‘crunchies’, a treat from South Africa- yum!
On Friday Craig’s mum came in and told us lots of interesting information about living in South Africa. The children loved looking at different items from South Africa and she has left us some stories to read that are set in South Africa.
Melissa and George shared their information leaflets about giraffes in Achievement Assembly- well done!
*Please remember to send your child to school with a sun hat and water bottle.*


22nd June
What a lovely week we have had! In English we have continued to develop our story writing skills and finished off the week by writing their own story of how the elephant got his trunk. There was certainly some imaginative ideas! We began the week in Maths by revising 2D and 3D shape names and their properties and then moved on to investigating capacity.
The children are continuing to enjoy learning about Africa and this week they learnt about life on a Kenyan farm.

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend!

15th June
Healthy Eating Week has been a huge success! Well done to all the children who managed to walk, cycle or scoot to school this week. Orchids have enjoyed learning about healthy eating. As part of our design technology learning, we designed and made fruit salads- yum!
In English we have been reading stories by the South African author Paul Geraghty. He likes to write stories about animals and we have used his work to inspire our own writing.
We have been revising number skills in Maths, including saying 1 more and 1 less than a given number, spotting mistakes in number patterns (e.g. 1   2   3   5   6   7) and finding ¼ of a shape and a number.
This week Hannah and Evie shared their learning about finding quarters in Achievement assembly- well done!


8th June
Welcome back after the half term break! All the children look very refreshed and ready for learning. This half term our topic is Amazing Animals in Africa and we have begun by using an atlas to locate Africa and to understand the term continent.
In English we are continuing to develop story writing skills and will be reading lots of stories with animal characters. This week we have been writing about Elmer and using adjectives to make our sentences more interesting.
Our Maths topic is place value. We began the week by revising numbers to 100, including counting on and back starting at different numbers (e.g. count from 20 to 40 and back again) and finding numbers quickly on a 100 square. We then moved on to saying how many tens and units are in a number and representing numbers to 100 in different ways.
Instead of Achievement assembly this week, the children had a special assembly to introduce Healthy Eating Week, which begins on Monday, and watched a display of Maypole dancing by the Year 2s.
Enjoy the sunshine this weekend and don’t forget to walk, cycle or scoot to school next week!


25th May
What a lovely last week of term we have had! In English we have been reading the story ‘Peace at Last’.  The children then planned and wrote their own story, changing the character from Mr Bear to a castle character (such as a Queen or a knight) and changing the setting to a castle. I was very impressed with all their stories!
In Phonics we have been practising reading words containing all the sounds we have learnt. There is a half term job in their bookbags to help practise their phonics over the break. Add the sound buttons to the words and decide if they are a real word or an alien word!
Our Maths topic this week has been to use the correct mathematical vocabulary to describe position and direction. We danced to Cha-Cha Slide to help us learn left and right!
We finished our castle topic by learning about medieval banquets. Orchids weren’t sure they wanted to try much of the food though!
This week Penny and Agatha shared their stories in Achievement assembly- what a great way to end the term!
Have a great break everyone and we will see you back on Tuesday 5th June!


11th May
Our English topic this week has been stories with a repeating pattern. We focused on the story ‘Daisy Eat Your Peas’ and wrote some very interesting ideas on how to get Daisy to eat her peas!
In Maths Orchids have been learning to find half of a shape and half of a number. They have used pictures to help work out the answer and they know the importance of each group being equal.
As part of our learning on castles, the children are going to be making and painting a clay shield. The children completed their designs today and will be making them on Thursday 17th in the afternoon. If you are available that afternoon, we would really appreciate the help.
Swimming begins next week- Orchids will swim on a Tuesday and a Thursday. Our new PE day will be a Wednesday- please ensure your child’s PE kit is in school and that long hair is tied up. Thank you!


4th May

Orchids had a fantastic time at Hever Castle yesterday. The children enjoyed seeing all the different parts of a castle, including the drawbridge, portcullis and battlements. Everyone managed to find their way out of the maze and we had a lovely walk around the castle gardens.
Today we followed up from our trip by writing a recount of our day. Well done to Kai and Aemilius who both worked very hard and shared their recounts in achievement assembly today.
Also a big well done to all the children for behaving so well on the trip- I was very proud!

27th April
Orchids are continuing to enjoy their learning on castles and this week they have learnt about the different parts of the castle and created a collage of a person who lives in a castle.
In English we have been learning how to make a good poster. The children created a poster about a wild flower with their learning partner and today we shared them with reception.
Our Maths topic has been continuing our work on repeated addition. The children have learnt to draw pictures and arrays to solve different problems. Well done to Joshua and Chloe who both celebrated their learning on repeated addition in achievement assembly today.


20th April
Welcome back to the Summer term (and doesn’t it feel like Summer!) This half term our topic is Castles. We have begun our topic by learning about the different people who lived in castles and learning a medieval dance!
In Maths the children have been learning about repeated addition (e.g. 5+5+5+5. This is the first step towards multiplication) and sharing numbers into equal groups (the first step towards division).
Harry and Sophia shared their wonderful recounts of half term in achievement assembly today- well done!


29th March
What a lovely final week of term we have had!
In English we continued our topic of writing about Spring celebrations. Our Maths focus has been addition and Orchids have helped the Easter bunny by adding up different numbers of eggs. The children also revised positional language during the Easter Egg Hunt and enjoyed their prize for solving all the clues!
As part of their last gymnastics session, the children revised their learning on travelling, balancing and rolling. They then incorporated these skills into their own routine, which was filmed to help them evaluate their own performance.
Enjoy the Easter holidays!


23rd March
I hope that you all enjoyed watching the dance show with Mr Rae yesterday. The children all performed so well!
In English this week Orchids have been learning and writing about different Spring celebrations. They have found out about the Hindu festival of Holi, the Jewish festival of Passover and the Christian celebration of Easter.
Our Maths topic this week has been number bonds to 10 and to 20. These are useful number facts that help to solve lots of different Maths problems.
Aaron and George both shared their Spring Celebration booklets in Achievement assembly this week. Well done!


16th March
Spring has (finally) arrived! As part of our English and Science learning, the children have created their own information book about Spring. Our English focus was to begin sentences in different ways, for example- Sometimes, Often, Usually, Did you know. In Science we have made observations on the signs of Spring, named baby animals and visited the school pond where we saw lots of frog spawn.
In Maths we have been learning to measure length and height using both standard units of measure (centimetres) and non-standard units of measure (such as cubes and paper clips). We have also focused on using the correct vocabulary, for example taller, shorter, longest.
In achievement assembly this week, Tiesto shared his fantastic art work and Betsie shared her beautful Spring information book. 
It was great to speak to you all this week and share your child’s achievements. You should all be very proud.


9th March
Firstly I would like to begin by saying how proud we were of how all the children performed in our class assembly yesterday! They did so well to learn their words, speak clearly into a microphone and learn 3 new songs. I hope you enjoyed the assembly as much as the children enjoyed performing for you!
As it has been Book Week this week, our English learning has focused on poems and rhymes. The children have enjoyed sharing their favourite poems with the class.
In Maths we have been practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. This is a really useful skill to practise at home. Perhaps you could count 2p, 5p and 10p coins?
In Achievement Assembly this week we celebrated Teddy's excellent Maths learning and Rowan's beautiful painting. 

Don't forget to check your child's book bag on Sunday for a little surprise...

23rd February
I hope that you all had a fantastic half term. The children have come back to school refreshed and ready to learn! Our topic this half term is ‘Let it grow’, with a focus on the story Jack and the Beanstalk. Our geography topic is the 4 countries of the United Kingdom.
This week we learnt about Scotland. The children used atlases to find out the names of the capital city, the rivers and the mountains. We have also read the stories of Katie Morag, a little girl who lives on a Scottish island.
In Maths we have been practising numbers to 50 (and even beyond!) The children are becoming very confident saying how many tens and units are in a number.
Hannah and Joshua shared their pictures they created in the style of Charles Rennie Mackintosh in achievement assembly today. All the children’s pictures are displayed on our classroom window so please do have a look! 


2nd February
The highlight of this week has to be Victorian Day! On Tuesday Orchids were transported back to 1878 to experience the life of a Victorian school child. During the first session the children had a Victorian Maths lesson, where they chanted their number bonds to 10 over and over (and over!) again. They then had drill and swimming. Drill was a set of repeated exercises to help the children grow big and strong. As seaside holidays were very popular with the Victorians, Queen Victoria thought everyone should learn to swim. Unfortunately schools did not have swimming pools so the children learnt to swim on benches! 
Boys and girls did not always learn the same things so after play the boys learnt woodwork and the girls made peg dolls. In the afternoon the children wrote on slate with chalk, practising their handwriting and completing an object lesson. What a busy day!
Our Maths focus this week has been place value. The children are learning to say how many tens and units are in a given number. 
This week we celebrated Melissa's super recount of Victorian day and Craig's brilliant reading as part of Achievement assembly. Well done!

26th January
What a busy few weeks we have had! In Maths we have been practising our addition and subtraction skills and we have been solving problems involving weight using the scales and non-standard units of measure (such as cubes).
Our English focus has been non-fiction writing about the Victorians. The children have written about what it was like before electricity and learnt about The Great Exhibition.
Thank you to our visitors- Imogen's Grandad (who played the piano for us) and Rosa's dad (who played the guitar and helped us write our song about Orchids!). The children loved having the opportunity to listen to live music.
Last week Zac shared his writing in achievement assembly and Sam shared his brilliant adding in Maths. This week Rosa celebrated her writing about the Victorians and Penny shared her achievements in gym this week.
Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing the dance moves at the disco later!

12th January
This week we have been learning about Beatrix Potter as she was born during the Victorian times. The children have listened to her stories, painted their favourite character and made up their own character in her style- there were lots of great ideas!
Our Maths topic has been telling the time to the hour and half past the hour. We have practised making the time on a clock and reading the time. Please continue to use the clocks the children made at school to practise telling the time. 
In Science we are continuing our Materials topic from before Christmas. This week we have been describing the properties of different materials. 

In a few weeks we will be having a Victorian dress up day where the children will experience what school was like for Victorian children. Outfits can be c dark dresses with pinafores and shorts or trousers with a waist coat and flat cap. Please see a member of the Year 1 team if you need help getting a costume.
In Achievement assembly Harry shared all the hard work he has done on learning to tell the time and Imogen shared her made up Beatrix Potter character description. Great work!

5th January
Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break. Thank you again for our presents, it was very kind of you.
This half term our topic is the Victorians. The children have begun their learning by thinking about what they would like to find out about Queen Victoria- we will use their questions to guide our learning. In Maths our topic has been finding half of a shape.
On a Friday the children will now have an achievement assembly to celebrate work from the week. This week Evie and Thomas shared their Christmas recounts. Well done!

15th December
The children enjoyed their Christmas dinner today- it was lovely to see all the children and staff eating together in the school hall. We have continued our Christmas celebrations by learning about Christmas around the world- Orchids were particularly keen to learn that Father Christmas uses reindeers when visiting Australia!
In Maths we met Charlie the Crocodile who only likes to eat big numbers! This is how we introduce the symbols < (less than/smaller than) and > (greater than/more than/bigger than). For example 5 < 8  and  10 >  3. 
We are very excited about our Christmas performance next week. We will go to the church on Monday 18th in the afternoon for a dress rehearsal and then our performance will be Tuesday 19th at 9.30- we look forward to seeing you there!

8th December
We are enjoying our Christmas celebrations in Orchids! The crafts we made on Art and DT day decorate our classroom and the children have been busy writing the Christmas story. In Maths we have been learning about tens and ones and saying how many tens and ones are in a teen number. We have read 'The Nutcracker' and used this to inspire our dancing. There were some beautiful Sugar Plum fairies today! We have also begun our journey of learning about Christmas around the world by looking at the traditions we have here in the UK.

24th November
This week we have been describing and learning the names of 2D and 3D shapes in Maths. In English we have been reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have written new endings to the story (some are happy and some are less so.... poor Goldilocks was put in jail in some of the stories but in others she says sorry and makes friends with the bears). 
The children also completed their fairy tale homes this week. They worked collaboratively with their learning partners to design, make and decorate the houses... What great team work they all displayed!

17th November
What an 'odd' day we have had! The children looked brilliant in their odd socks and brightly coloured tights. 
Our Maths topic this week has been money and we have practised recognising coins and combining coins to make different amounts. This is a great skill to practise at home- perhaps if you are going to the shop you could ask your children to count out how much money you need.
In English we have been learning the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The children wrote their own version of the middle of the story, practising using different story words. 
We are continuing to enjoy our school rabbits, named Flopsy and Pepper. If you would be able to pop into the school at the weekend to check their food and water (and give them a cuddle!), we would really appreciate the help. There is a rota in the office. 
Have a lovely weekend!

10th November
This week has been very exciting because we have welcomed two rabbits to Barnett Wood! The children have been learning how to look after the rabbits and making posters to share this information.
In Maths we have been we have been counting back from 20, quickly recalling 1 less than a given number and drawing a picture to support us with working out subtraction number sentences. 
We have also learnt about the significance of Remembrance Day and created beautiful poppy paintings. 
I hope you enjoyed looking at your children's work on our Parent Consultation evening. I really enjoyed speaking to you all.

3rd November
I hope you all enjoyed your week off! We have had a lovely first week back at school. Our topic this half term is 'Once upon a time'. We will be reading many traditional tales and using this to inspire our learning across the curriculum. Our focus story this week was 'The Three Little Pigs' and we have been writing character descriptions, using lots of adjectives to make our writing more interesting.
We began our Materials Science topic by choosing the best materials to build a house that the Big Bad Wolf would not be able to blow down.... Miss Roberts' hair dryer (the Big Bad Wolf) huffed and puffed but could not blow down the houses! 
In Maths we are continuing to practise our addition and subtraction skills and are beginning to understand how they link to each other.
We have also listened to the story of Guy Fawkes, created firework pictures, danced like fireworks and discussed how to keep safe when watching fireworks. If you are going to a display this weekend , I am sure the children will have lots to share with you! Enjoy!

23rd October
What a great half term we have had! The children really enjoyed learning about their bodies and the 5 senses and I think a highlight was making their musical instruments. The harvest assembly was a super way to end the half term and the children all sang beautifully. 
Throughout the half term Orchids have been filling up the class marble jar for whole class achievements. They added the last marble on Wednesday so they got to choose a treat! On Friday afternoon they watched some of the Minions Movie and ate popcorn!
Happy Half Term everone!

13th October
We have learnt about the sense of taste this week and the children had great fun trying sweet, salty, sour and bitter foods. They also wrote about their favourite foods to taste. In Maths we have continued to practise our number bonds to 10 and we have been adding 2 numbers together. The children have been choosing whether they prefer to add using objects, such as cubes, or to draw a picture when finding the answer. 
Have a great weekend!

6th October
This week we have been learning about Louis Braille. The children enjoyed hearing the gruesome story about how he lost his sight and did some fantastic independent writing about his life! Our Maths focus has been learning the pairs of numbers that go together to make 10. The children used cubes and counters to help find their answers and are beginning to mentally recall these facts. 
We had a brilliant time making instruments on Wednesday- thank you again to the dads who gave up their mornings to help us. The children had a lot of fun making drums, guitars, shakers and even a recorder! 
Have a great weekend- I am hoping the sunshine continues!


29th September
This week the children have been learning about about the sense of sight. We have found out about Stevie Wonder, completed activities with a blindfold on and created optical illusions. In English we have been learning to write questions. The children had great fun making up a question to ask Mrs Penny and then put their interviewing skills to the test when she visited our classroom! Our Maths focus has been addition and subtraction and using equipment in the classroom, such as cubes, to work out the answer.
Thank you to the parents that have offered to come in on Wednesday 4th to help make our musical instruments. If you would like to help please me know!

22nd September
This week we have been learning about our sense of hearing. The children have learnt about Evelyn Gleenie and Beethoven- two famous musicians who lost their sense of hearing but were still able to play their instruments and compose music! We began our project on musical instruments by evaluating existing instruments and the children are looking forward to designing their own instruments next week. Thank you to those who have already begun collecting boxes and tubes for when we get to making- please keep saving your junk for us!
Our Maths focus this week has been using the correct mathematical vocabularly to compare numbers- greater than, more than, larger than, less than and fewer than. The children have been solving problems such as 'Can you tell me a number that is more than 10 but less than 30?'
Have a lovely weekend!


18th September
What an excellent start to the term we have had! All the children have already settled really well into the routine of Year 1.
In English we began the year by writing our holiday news and then learning how to label pictures, using our phonics to write unfamiliar words.
In Maths we have been revising our skills of counting carefully, recognising teen numbers and finding one more and one less of a given number.
Our topic this half term is 
AMAZING ME! We will be learning about our bodies and exploring the 5 senses, including finding out about people who have lost one of their senses. 
Meet the Teacher is on Wednesday 20th September 7.30pm-8.30pm and will be an opportunity to find out more about Year 1 and ask any questions. I look forward to seeing you then!