Year 1 - Leopards
Miss Charlton, Mrs Manders, Mrs Hill, Mrs Proudfoot, 

Week 2 Autumn 1 W.B.10.9.18
We've had a great first full week at school!

This week we have been learning about our bodies for our 'Amazing Me' topic. We started the week by comparing ourselves to Leopards and looking at the differences. We wrote some of the differences in our English books. We have also been labelling pictures of people and Leopards. We talked about using lines to point at different parts of the body and making sure we write the label in the correct place. We have been singing songs about body parts as well.

In Maths this week we have looking at numbers to 20. We matched the number words to the numerals and showed different ways of making numbers on whiteboards. We have also been using a hundred square to help us with counting above 20.

We said good luck to Mrs Manders on Thursday, she is going of on maternity leave. We look forward to meeting her new arrival later in the year!

Next week we will be starting to think about our senses and focusing on hearing. 

Welcome back! 06.09.18
Welcome to Year 1!

This was our first time in Year 1. We started by talking about our Holiday news, it was lovely to hear about everyone's Summer break. We wrote our Holiday News in our English books.

For Maths we revised counting on and back to 20. We played different number games on the board.

What a great start to Year 1! 

next week we will be starting our 'Amazing Me!' Topic.