Year 1 - Orchids
Miss Roberts, Mrs Manders, 

13th October
We have learnt about the sense of taste this week and the children had great fun trying sweet, salty, sour and bitter foods. They also wrote about their favourite foods to taste. In Maths we have continued to practise our number bonds to 10 and we have been adding 2 numbers together. The children have been choosing whether they prefer to add using objects, such as cubes, or to draw a picture when finding the answer. 
Have a great weekend!

6th October
This week we have been learning about Louis Braille. The children enjoyed hearing the gruesome story about how he lost his sight and did some fantastic independent writing about his life! Our Maths focus has been learning the pairs of numbers that go together to make 10. The children used cubes and counters to help find their answers and are beginning to mentally recall these facts. 
We had a brilliant time making instruments on Wednesday- thank you again to the dads who gave up their mornings to help us. The children had a lot of fun making drums, guitars, shakers and even a recorder! 
Have a great weekend- I am hoping the sunshine continues!


29th September
This week the children have been learning about about the sense of sight. We have found out about Stevie Wonder, completed activities with a blindfold on and created optical illusions. In English we have been learning to write questions. The children had great fun making up a question to ask Mrs Penny and then put their interviewing skills to the test when she visited our classroom! Our Maths focus has been addition and subtraction and using equipment in the classroom, such as cubes, to work out the answer.
Thank you to the parents that have offered to come in on Wednesday 4th to help make our musical instruments. If you would like to help please me know!

22nd September
This week we have been learning about our sense of hearing. The children have learnt about Evelyn Gleenie and Beethoven- two famous musicians who lost their sense of hearing but were still able to play their instruments and compose music! We began our project on musical instruments by evaluating existing instruments and the children are looking forward to designing their own instruments next week. Thank you to those who have already begun collecting boxes and tubes for when we get to making- please keep saving your junk for us!
Our Maths focus this week has been using the correct mathematical vocabularly to compare numbers- greater than, more than, larger than, less than and fewer than. The children have been solving problems such as 'Can you tell me a number that is more than 10 but less than 30?'
Have a lovely weekend!


18th September
What an excellent start to the term we have had! All the children have already settled really well into the routine of Year 1.
In English we began the year by writing our holiday news and then learning how to label pictures, using our phonics to write unfamiliar words.
In Maths we have been revising our skills of counting carefully, recognising teen numbers and finding one more and one less of a given number.
Our topic this half term is 
AMAZING ME! We will be learning about our bodies and exploring the 5 senses, including finding out about people who have lost one of their senses. 
Meet the Teacher is on Wednesday 20th September 7.30pm-8.30pm and will be an opportunity to find out more about Year 1 and ask any questions. I look forward to seeing you then!