Year 1 - Giraffes
Miss Burns, Mrs Gregory, Mrs Smith

11th January 2019
This week the children have been learning about the life and work of Beatrix Potter. We have read lots of stories and written character profiles, culminating in the children creating their own character and describing its likes and dislikes. Between them they have created a hedgehog who likes drinking coca-cola, a fox who likes playing netball and a tortoise who doesn't like being tickled....and many more! They have also been learning how to use commas when making a list of their characters' likes and dislikes.

In maths the children have been learning to tell the time (o'clock and half past) and drawing hands on an empty clock face to show different times.  The children have managed very well, especially positioning the little hand correctly when it is half past. 

Next week we will be focussing on writing instructions in English and using different strategies for addition and subtraction in maths (number lines, counting on mentally from the larger number to add, jottings and using known number bonds).

Have a great weekend yes

Happy new year!  The children have been working hard already, writing holiday recounts using a range of sentence openers such as "First, next, after that" to avoid the overuse of "and then". In maths we have been revising 2D shape names and finding different ways of halving shapes, making sure the two pieces are exactly the same.  We have also started our new topic about Victorians, some children already having had a turn in our Victorian parlour role play area.  We have discussed how things were done before electricity, such as washing, ironing and cleaning, and found out about what Ashtead was like in Victorian times.

Next week our maths focus will be the language of time (earlier, later) and telling the time (o'clock and half past).  In English we will be looking at the books of Beatrix Potter (a Victorian author), writing character profiles and descriptions of existing and made-up characters.

Have a great weekend smiley

19th December 2018
Thank you all so much for your generous gifts and cards....we feel thoroughly spoilt!

Next half term our topic will be "When the railway came to Ashtead", focussing on different aspects of Victorian times and making comparisons to the present day.  There will be a Victorian dressing up day (date to be confirmed) towards the end of term just in case anyone wants to start thinking about a costume.

Hope you all have a very happy Christmas holiday....see you all on Thursday 3rd January 2019!smiley

30th November 2018
What a busy week! Thanks to all those who were able to help with our craft day on Wednesday.  The children had such a great learning experience, not to mention lots of fun!  Our classroom and hall are looking very festive now.

In English this week we have been writing stories to round off our traditional tales topic.  The children have also been learning about the features and language used in letter writing, and have written letters to Santa and to our helpers from Wednesday to say thank you.
Next week we will be starting our mini topic of Christmas around the world, so if any parents or grandparents have anything to share about christmas in any other countries - facts, artefacts or if you are able to come in and give a short talk you would be most welcome.

In maths we have been working on place value, looking at each digit in a teens number and knowing that the 1 means 1 ten. The children have been making and drawing teens numbers in different ways, using numicon, dienes (tens and ones) and tens frames.  We have been using the word "partitioning" which means splitting a number into tens and ones. Lots of the children are still reversing teens numbers so we will work on this again next week, as well as ordering teens numbers and finding 1 more and 1 less.

We hope to see lots of you on Sunday - preparations are underway as I am writing this!smiley

23rd November 2018
This week Year 1 have been naming, describing and comparing 2D and 3D shapes. They have been trying hard to use the correct vocabulary to desribe their properties (sides and corners for 2D shapes, faces, edges and vertices for 3D shapes). Next week's maths focus will be place value and we will be looking at teen numbers and how they are made of a ten and some ones (some children may move onto higher numbers).

In English we have been learning how a story can end, and making a collection of common endings. We have also been practising extending short sentences by using the connectives and, but and because, and using them in our story writing. Next week the children will be consolidating their story writing skills to write their own ending to a familiar tale.

Thanks to those who have signed up to help for Art/DT day next Wednesday - we are short of a couple of helpers in the afternoon if anyone else is available.

Everyone should have received a letter about a costume for our christmas show - if not, please let us know!

The children should also have been given new bee words for reading and spelling this half term - again, if you haven't received any, please let us know.  We will be assessing the children's sight word recognition before Christmas so if we feel they need the next sheet, we will give these out before we break up.

Have a great weekendsmiley

16th November 2018
Giraffes have been busy this week learning how to write the middle of a story, using a range of sentence openers (Just then, Suddenly, After that, etc). They have sequenced the events in two well-known stories and retold the beginning and middle. Next week the focus will be on endings of traditional tales, so the children will be making a collection of common story endings, then writing an alternative ending to a tale, using what they have learned.

In maths we have been counting money (1p's and 2p's, some moving on to 5p and 10p) and finding correct amounts to buy things. The children have been finding different ways to pay, so that they understand that 2p+2p is the same as 1p+1p+1p+1p. Next week's maths focus will be naming and describing the properties of some common 2D and 3D shapes.  The words we will be using will be corners and sides when talking about 2D shapes, and faces, edges and vertices (points) when talking about 3D shapes.  See if they can spot any in the house or garden.......

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9th November 2018
Our traditional tales topic is well underway, and the children have been looking at different ways to start a story, and wrote their own story start using adjectives to describe their character and the setting.  They are excited about some of the new words they have been using, such as magnificent, stunning, mouth-watering and ghastly! See how many adjectives they can tell you at home...

In maths we have been using different methods to solve addition and subtraction problems and consolidating number bonds (pairs of numbers) that make numbers up to 10. 

We have also been looking at the properties of objects in science, and using appropriate vocabulary to describe them, such as shiny, dull, smooth, rough, hard, soft, etc.  Next week we will be looking at what things are made of (wood, metal, etc)

Next week's maths will be learning to recognise different coins, ordering them according to their value, counting money (1p's and 2p's mainly) and making amounts up to 20 p in different ways. Please allow the children to handle real money at home, so they get used to the different coins and their values. 

It was lovely to meet you all and share the children's schievements this week at parents' evening.  They have all been working so hard and making great progress.  If you have any concerns, queries or anything to share we are always available at the end of the school day to chat in person or by phone.

Have a great weekend yes

2nd November 2018
The children have all returned to school refreshed and ready to learn.  Well done to all those children who have been reading over the half term break - practise makes perfect!

This week we have started our new topic on Traditional tales.  We have been reading lots of tales and have focussed on the Little Red Hen - sequencing and retelling the story, thinking of adjectives to describe the characters and looking at the language used to start a traditional tale.  Next week we will be focussing on writing an opening sentence for a story, introducing a character or characters and a setting, eg. A long time ago three happy little pigs lived in a beautiful cottage. The cottage was on the edge of a dark, creepy forest.

We have also been describing, photographing and writing factual sentences about signs of autumn, and learning about the story of Guy Fawkes and why November 5th is celebrated.

In maths we have been using different methods to solve problems involving addition and subtraction.  We have been looking at number families to solve problems, eg. If 4 + 5 = 9, what is 9 - 5? We have used numicon to see the relationship between addition and subtraction.  Next week this will continue, with a focus on subtraction, using objects, drawings and numicon to solve subtraction problems.

Now that the weather is colder, we are pleased to see everyone coming to school with a coat.  Please ensure every item of clothing is named, including gloves, hats, etc.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the fireworks smiley


19th October 2018
What a busy half term!  The children made us all so proud this morning, behaving impeccably and singing so well.  Thanks to the parents who walked with the children to the church this morning - your help was much appreciated.

This week in maths the children have been sequencing days of the week and events during the day, and using language related to the passage of time, answering questions involving "before", "after", " earlier" and "later". 

In English we have continued to work on golden sentences - in particular, reading their own work to check for sense.  The children received a very exciting letter this week from Oliver (from the book "Oliver's vegetables") and have learnt the format of a letter to write their replies.

Next half term our topic will be "Traditional Tales", with a focus on story language.  We will be looking at different ways traditional tales start (Once upon a time, A long time ago, In a land far away, etc). We will also be looking at different ways to start a sentence when telling a story (next, after that, a little while later, suddenly, finally, etc.)

In maths our first topic will be addition and subtraction - using different strategies, recognising the signs and counting on/back on a number line. The children are getting really good at writing numbers to 20 correctly - see if they can show you!

The children have brought their PE kits home to be washed.  Please ensure they bring them back at the beginning of next half term, as they will need them straight away.  The PE lessons next half term will be gymnastics and dance, so if their plimsolls are getting tight, they wont need more this half term. However it is useful to include them if they stilll fit as an emergency alternative if school shoes rub or get wet!

Have a great half termsmiley

5th October 2018
This week the children have been learning number bonds (pairs of numbers) for the numbers 5-9 - see if they can show you with their fingers or some objects how we can make 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 in different ways?

In English/Topic the focus has been on Louis Braille and the children have been discussing, sequencing and writing about the events of his life. They did amazingly well doing their first piece of unaided writing as a whole class - what clever children you have!  Lots were using their sounds to spell unknown words, everyone remembered finger spaces and lots remembered capital letters and full stops. They have also been practising forming capital letters and matching them to lower case ones.

Next week the maths focus will be finding the difference between two numbers using towers of cubes/objects, and solving addition and subtraction sums using different methods. We will be looking at worded problems, for example, a bus has 8 people on it and 5 get many are left? The children will need to decide whether to add or subtract to solve the problem.

The children have been really good at changing their reading books, although some have been a bit over - zealous, changing books before they have been heard by an adult! We have talked about this today and they now know they only change books when they have read to an adult, so please could you remind them of this at home.

Have a great weekendsmiley

28th September 2018
The weeks are flying by!  This week we have been focussing on the sense of sight and attempting lots of activities blindfolded, to see how hard it is for blind people. We have been learning about the difference between a question and a statement, and thinking of questions to ask Mrs Penny about herself!

Our maths focus has been on addition and subtraction - understanding the symbols and associated language, and using different methods to solve simple problems (fingers, objects, number line and jottings). Next week's focus will be continuing with addition and subtraction, but focussing on number facts and number families.  For example, how many ways can we make 6?  If 4+2 makes 6, what is 6-4?

The children will be making their musical instruments that they have designed this week, so if anyone can bring in any small shoe boxes, tissue boxes, pots, etc, we would be very grateful.

Have a great weekendsmiley

21st September 2018
What a busy week we have had!  

In English/topic we have been looking at the lives of famous deaf people (Evelyn Glennie and Beethoven) and finding out how they lost their hearing and how they overcame difficulties.  The children have been writing about facts they have learnt.

In maths the children are getting very good at using the correct language to compare amounts - more than, greater than, less than, smaller than, equal to. They have also been ordering numbers and explaining why they have ordered them that way.

Next week our English focus will be sorting questions/statements, asking/writing questions and using question marks.  We will be learning about our sense of sight and finding out about Louis Braille and Stevie Wonder.

Our maths focus next week will be addition. The children will be using a variety of methods including bricks, number lines and drawings to solve addition problems. They will also be taught the vocabulary associated with addition (add, plus, count on, equals, makes).

Have a great weekendyes

14th September 2018
Welcome to giraffes class page!

The children have settled in really well and are getting used to the new routines of year 1. They are becoming so independent when working, finding what they need and organising themselves.

This week our English focus has been on labelling.  The children have labelled pictures of humans and animals, and discussed the similarities and differences as part of our "Amazing Me" topic. In maths they have been reading and writing numbers to 20 (some beyond 20), finding one more and one less and counting groups of objects accurately.

Next week we will be learning about our sense of hearing. We will be looking at and writing about the lives of famous deaf people such as Beethoven and Evelyn Glennie, and doing some sound investigations.  Next week's maths focus will be the language of maths - more than, greater than, less than, fewer than, same as, equal to.  The children will be comparing sets of objects using this language, and ordering numbers.

Thank you everyone for remembering swimming kits, water bottles and everything else they have needed so far.  There is a lot to remember!

We are reminding the children to change their reading books if they have read them, and we will soon expect them to know if they need changing, as we don't have time to go through every book bag.  Please could you tell your child if their books need to be changed, and comment in your child's diary when they have read.  They should be reading at least 3 times a week in order to make good progress - sometimes it helps to earmark which days will be reading days (when they don't have clubs, etc), and get into a good routine.  If reading time is tricky to find during the week maybe a good couple of sessions at the weekend would work better.

Have a great weekend smiley