Year 1 - Bananas
Miss Burns, Mrs Gregory, Mrs Smith, 

23rd June 2017
Another busy week on our Africa topic! The children have been listening to traditional African stories about animals, and have written their own fantastic stories about how the leopard got his spots. They have also been learning about how to group animals and what characteristics each group has (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish).
In maths we have continued working on place value and most children have a really good understanding of tens and ones, and some have extended to working with 3 digit numbers (representing them with drawings and adding 10 to a 3 digit number).
Next week the children will be participating in a djembe drum session, so earplugs at the ready!
Hope to see you at the school fair looks like the weather will be perfectlaugh

16th June 2017
We have been so busy this week learning all about Kenya. The children have been learning about Paul Geraghty, an African author, and learning about the life of a Kenyan girl and comparing her life to theirs. They have also been on "safari", spotting lots of African wild animals.
In maths we have been focussing on place value, in particular adding and subtracting 10 and 1 to a number mentally by deciding which digit goes up or down. We have been adding and subtracting 10's and 1's using a number square, thinking which way to move.
Nearly everyone has had a hat and water bottle this week - well done Bananas parents!

Next week we will be looking at Rudyard Kipling's "Just so" stories and "Tinga tinga tales", so if anyone has one to share they are welcome to bring it in.

Have a great weekend and stay safe in the sun!laugh

26th May 2017
Happy holidays!! The children are certainly ready for a break, especially with this hot weather! We are very pleased to see nearly every child with a water bottle and a hat this week. Please could you ensure both are named.

The children have been listening to and reciting poetry this week, and composing their own acrostic poems (see if they can explain to you how an acrostic poem works!) In maths they have been working on remembering number bonds of all numbers up to 10 and using these to avoid counting on each time they complete an addition problem. A great website to practise this is called "Hit the button" and you can select number bonds to 10 or 20....5 minutes a day during half term would really help them to practise their mental skills.

Next half term our new topic will be about Kenya.  If any of the children have any information or artefacts from Kenya (or any African artefacts) they are welcome to bring them in and tell the class about them. Our science next half term will be naming, describing and comparing a range of animals, including fish, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles, and putting them into groups. The children will also be learning about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

Have a happy holiday and we will look forward to seeing you in June smiley

19th May
Another week has flown by and the children have been working hard. In maths they have been doing lots of problem solving involving capacity, and learning about litres. They have also been learning how to estimate (a clever guess rather than a wild one!) then counting to see how close their estimate was. In English we have been revising story language and using adjectives to add detail, culminating in some super stories about a lazy knight, with the repetitive phrase "But the knight snored on." The children have also learnt about compound words and we are making a collection of them in our classroom.

Next week we will be focussing on poetry, so if your child has a favourite poem that they would like to share/recite, they can bring it in (or memorise it!)

Swimming is going really well and we have had lots of parent support in the changing rooms, thank you! If anyone is still able to help in the classroom as well, that would be great too (even for half an hour is helpful).

Don't forget to support our school by coming to the auction this evening - it promises to be a great night!  Have a super weekend :-)

11th May 2017
What an exciting week! The children were very well-behaved and learnt lots on our school trip, and enjoyed their first swimming lessons. Many thanks to those who helped and reported back that the children were very good in the pool and changing rooms.
In maths this week we have been focussing on sharing (dividing) by sharing objects and drawing "dots in pots" to find the answer to sharing problems, eg. Share 20 sweets between 5 people. We have been writing recounts in English of the trip to Hever Castle, and learning the difference between a question and a statement.
The children have been put into groups for Guided reading and each group will have at least one session in a group with a teacher over the next few weeks. During these sessions the group all have a copy of the same text and either take turns to read, or read a section to themselves. Then they discuss the text and answer questions about what they have read. The questions may be "finger" questions, eg. What colour was the witch's cloak?  What time did they get the train? where they can find the answer (direct retrivals), or they may be "head" questions, where they have to think about the whole text and think what the answer might be (inferential questions). Inferential questions might be "Why do you think he behaved like that?"  "Why do you think plants don't grow in the desert?" "What do you think might happen next?"  "Can you make up a happier ending for this story?" "Why do you think the author used the word ________?"  The book that your child has read will be sent home with a yellow bookmark to be read again at home (they may not have read the whole book during the session). Please remind your child to return the book and bookmark to the teacher once it has been read.    

Have a great weekendyes

5th May 2017
At last the sun is shining - let's hope it lasts at least until next week for our trip and first swimming lessons!  Thank you to all those who have signed up to help with supervising in the changing rooms....if any more mums, dads or grandparents are able to help with supervising changing or in the classrooms, the sign up sheets are in the class file in the main entrance.

In maths this week the children have been learning about halving and quartering shapes and numbers, and learning that each share must be exactly the same.  In English we have been reading more repetitive texts and using adjectives to describe settings, culminating in making two class books entitled "We're going on a dragon hunt." We have also been learning about contractions (where an apostrophe is used to represent omitted letters) such as I'm, it's, can't, don't, haven't, etc.

As the weather is still very unpredictable, please ensure your child has a waterproof coat in school at all times.  Swimming days are Wednesday and Friday so they may need a warm coat on those days, as they often take a while to warm up again after swimming! Please also encourage your child to practise dressing and undressing by themselves, as they will be required to do this on swimming days.

Have a great weekend and let's keep fingers crossed for good weather!

28 th April 2017
The children have had a busy week learning more about parts of a castle and the people who worked in them.  In English we have been reading lots of stories with a repetitive phrase and writing descriptive settings. We have also been looking at the "Daisy" books by Kes Gray and creating some persuasive and very funny speech in particular...."If you eat your peas you can have 100 chocolate cakes and I will make you a God and everyone will have to pray to you!"

In maths we have been revising half past and learning quarter past, and solving problems involving time, such as "I order a pizza at half past 3 and it arrives an hour later. What time does it arrive?" We have also been working out activities that might take a second, a minute or an hour.

The children have brought home some phonics homework to complete - this does not need to be handed in. Any other work that is sent home to consolidate learning can be brought in to show the teacher if your child wants to!

Have a good weekend smiley


22nd April 2017
Welcome back....the children have all settled back into the school routine really well and all seem to have grown over the holidays!

This week in English we have been looking at instructions and learning how to write them. They have also written a recount of a special day in the holidays using time connectives such as first, after that, a little while later.

In maths we have been practising addition and subtraction, and learning that the = sign means "equals" or "is the same as", so it can appear anywhere in a number sentence and both sides of the = need to be the same. For example 5 + 3 = ?      8 = ? + 3      5 + ? = 1 + really got them thinking!

Just a couple of reminders...
Please could you ensure that the children have a PE kit in school at all times, with a pair of plimsolls/trainers.
Children need to bring a coat or light waterproof jacket every day, especially when swimming starts.
Please could breaktime snacks be labelled with your child's name - that way we can ensure they eat it and there are no mix ups!

Finally, as part of our science learning, the children have been identifying deciduous and evergreen trees and naming some common trees.  For optional homework they have been asked to look at some trees in their garden/route to school and identify what type of tree it is, and find out their names. They do not need to draw/write anything unless they want to!

Have a good weekendyes

24th March 2017
The children looked fantastic in their red clothes today, and we also heard some great jokes!  Many thanks for all your donations - we collected over £180 for Comic Relief.

This week in English the children have been learning about cinquain (5 lined) poems and recapping what verbs and adjectives are. In maths they have been learning about length - using the correct language to compare length and solving problems by measuring accurately in centimetres. Can they measure some objects at home with a ruler or tape measure? Maybe they could measure family members' heights?

For our dance performance next Friday could you please send the children to school dressed in bright, colourful clothing. They can stay in these clothes for the rest of the day.

Have a good weekend and enjoy the sunshinesmiley

17th March 2017
The children have been working hard this week on a non fiction booklet all about spring. They have learnt about the features of a non fiction text (title, blurb, headings, contents page, caption, diagram, photograph) and have included some of these in their booklet. In maths we have been looking at place value and the children have been partitioning numbers (splitting into 10's and 1's) and solving problems involving teen numbers such as 17 - ___ = 7   and 10 + ____ = 6.  They are also getting very good at counting in 5's!

Have a good weekend smiley

10th March 2017
You may have heard that the children have been tasting some rather unusual vegetables! We have been looking at a book called "Oliver's vegetables" where a little boy tried lots of things he thought he didn't like. Well we have lots of "Olivers" in Bananas, as every single one of them tried all the vegetables (with the lure of a sticker!) and some even discovered they liked some new things. They used lots of interesting words to describe the texture and taste, then wrote about their experiences in the form of a diary, like Oliver in the book.
In maths we have been learning about solving problems using repeated addition, eg. How much would 3 flowers cost at 10p each? The children have been drawing the objects and putting the price on them, then adding the total by counting in 2's, 10's and 5's (some have been counting in 3's too!) See if they can show you at home what they have been learning!

Have a good weekend smiley 

5th March 2017
Well didn't Bananas do a fantastic job performing in their assembly?! We were very proud of how they learnt and said their words, sang, sat beautifully and managed the microphone....they are growing up fast! Thanks for all your support in providing costumes and helping them to learn their words-they were very proud of themselves and Mrs Penny is going to let them have some extra playtime next week.

We have had great fun this week with all our book week activities, culminating in a whole school fairy tale quiz on Friday afternoon. The children were in teams of mixed age groups and we were really impressed with the co-operation between the children in each team when discussing their answers. The children have also been involved in reading swaps with other classes, a whole school big read in the hall and lots of activities based around Jack and the Beanstalk ( as we are growing beans).

In maths the children  have been learning about halving and quartering shapes and numbers. When halving or quartering numbers they have been working out the answer by drawing a picture of a pizza, cake or pancake and dividing it in 2 or 4, then sharing out the olives/cherries between the two or four sections. They find the symbols 1/2 and 1/4 difficult to remember so it's worth drawing their attention to them if they see them in their reading (recipes?) or when out and about.

24 Feb 2017
The children have been working very hard this week and seem to have recovered from their illnesses! In maths we have been looking at different strategies for addition and subtraction, and learning about number families, eg. if 2+6=8 then 8-2=6 and 8-6=2 (we call this using the inverse). We have also been recapping the names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes as some children missed this learning at the end of last half term.  For our topic we have been learning about Scotland (part of our UK mini topic) and writing letters and character descritions based on the "Katie Morag" stories.  We have also been learning about some types of spring flowers (tulips, crocuses, daffodils and hyacinths).  Can the children spot these or others in their garden or in a garden centre?

18 Feb 2017

Hope you are all having a great half term and finally enjoying a bit of warmer weather! 

Just a bit of advance warning.....for our assembly on the 3rd March, we would like the children to come dressed in their Victorian costume, in keeping with the theme of the assembly, and also due to the fact that seven children were ill on Victorian day and didn't get to wear their costumes! Please could they bring in their school uniform to change into after the assembly, as we will be resuming our book week activities for the rest of the day. If there are any problems with costumes, please let us know.

Also please make sure your children's words for the assembly are tucked inside their reading diary in their book bags, ready to practise next week.

See you on Monday! 🍌


This week the children have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. They have been naming and describing 2D shapes (sides and corners) and 3D shapes (faces and vertices). We have also been learning about Edward Lear and his poetry, and the children have been learning "The Owl and the Pussycat". We will be performing this as part of our class assembly so please could the children practise their part, by heart if possible, along with their other words. We are asking the children to keep their words in their book bags ready to practise after half term.  In case of any confusion, our assembly theme is Famous Victorians!

After half term our new topic will be "Let it grow", exploring plants and animals and looking at the signs of spring. If the children have any story books about gardens or growing plants we would love to share them in class.

We hope you have a very happy half term and a good rest!

This week our maths focus has been on weighing. We have been using our hands and scales to estimate and find out the heaviest and lightest object, starting with 2 and building up the 4 objects ordered from heaviest to lightest. In English we have been learning about different punctuation (full stops, exclamation marks and question marks and using them in our writing about Victorians.

We had some visitors from Premier Sports on Thursday, who led a session of multi skills, focussing on ball skills and introducing archery! We definitely have a few budding Robin Hoods amongst us!

Have a good weekend and enjoy the disco! :-)

We have been learning how to write and follow instructions this week, remembering to number each instruction, put each instruction on a new line and put the bossy verb at the beginning, eg. "Put the bread on the plate." We have also continued our learning about Beatrix Potter and have read lots of her stories.

In maths we have been practising telling the time to o'clock and half past and are really quite good at this now! We have also been looking at different strategies to add 2 or 3 numbers (looking for pairs of numbers that make 10, doubles that we know, or simply putting the largest number first then counting on). We have discussed how there is not a right or wrong method - it is best to use whichever method is most comfortable and some children have been working on speeding up by trying a quicker method.

Well done to Isabel and Betty who completed the optional "ed" homework on the previous post! We have still been practising this past tense ending as it comes up a lot in our reading and writing.

Please could you keep bringing in clean yogurt pots as we need them for some activities next week.

Have a good weekend :-)

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a fun and restful holiday - the children have settled back really well and have been working hard this week. We have been learning about life in Victorian times (our new topic) and looking at some artefacts in our role play area.

In maths we have been learing about odd/even numbers and recognising and continuing number sequences counting on and back in 1's and 2's. The children have learnt  how to find out if a large number is odd or even by looking at the last digit so they have been using some 3 digit numbers!
Our grammar lesson this week was about the past tense and adding d or ed, and they have been given an optional challenge to find any words ending in "ed" in their books at home and bring a list to school to share with the class.

Thank you all so much for the generous Christmas gifts and vouchers - rest assured they have already been spent!

Have a good weekend :-)

16th December
Didn't they do well? We are very proud of all the children after their performance today-their singing and behaviour were excellent!

Not long to go now...please could the children bring a named carrier bag on Monday for taking home Christmas crafts and decorations? 

Have a good weekend 😄

Art and DT day

The children had a busy day making lots of Christmas decorations for the class room. They designed their angels on Monday and started to make them on Tuesday. Lots more still to come... watch this space.

Week commencing 21st November
This week we have been looking at how traditional tales sometimes end, and writing an alternative ending to a familiar story. We have also been working hard in maths, partitioning numbers into 10's and 1's, recognising the value of each digit in a 2 digit number and ordering numbers from smallest to largest.

Many thanks to all the parents who have signed up for DT day - it promises to be a great event! Please could we have more toilet roll tubes and any clean yogurt type pots or yakult bottles?

Have a great weekend!

Week commencing 14th November
This week we have been learning about money. The children have been learning how to count money(1p's, 2p's, 5p's and 10p's), starting with the highest coin then counting the rest of the coins by doing the correct number of taps on each one. They have also been learning to make amounts by playing "shops", using a variety of coins. They would all really benefit from practising this skill at home, so if you have a few minutes you could "set up shop" and practise counting/making different amounts.

We have also been continuing our Traditional Tales topic, looking at story phrases such as after that, a little while later, next, suddenly, in a flash, etc, and using these when retelling a story.

We have learnt lots of information about different materials and have learnt words to describe objects, such as hard/soft, rough/smooth, etc. Can the children find objects made of wood, metal, plastic, metal, fabric and rock at home?

Have a good weekend smiley

October half term
Hope you are all enjoying half term and the (thankfully) dry weather! 

Our topic for next half term is Traditional tales, so we will be reading a variety of tales and learning all about story language ( sentence openers), such as once upon a time, all of a sudden, in a flash, after that, soon, meanwhile, finally. We would love the children to bring in any traditional tales from home to share in class, and we will be discussing how there are often different versions of the same story. 

We will also be learning about materials in science, using vocabulary like hard, soft, rough, smooth, shiny, dull, transparent, opaque to describe objects. The children will be learning about different materials such as wood, metal, plastic, fabric and rock, and why certain materials are used for specific purposes.

This week...
This week we have been looking at poetry and the children have written some fantastic descriptive poems about fruit and learning about adjectives. In maths we have been comparing and measuring length using non standard measures (cubes, paper clips, etc). We have also been looking at world maps and finding where we import bananas and strawberries from, and learning about the equator and the poles.

Next week we will be learning and ordering days of the week, months of the year and the seasons. We are also excited about our harvest festival - many thanks to the parents who have volunteered to walk across with the children.

Have a good weekend!

This week...
This week we have been learning about how to ask and write questions, and have been writing questions for Louis Braille and Mrs Penny! In maths we have been learning how to add a small number to a bigger number by counting forwards on a number line or by putting the big number in our head and count on using our fingers.  We are getting quite good at this!  Next week we will be writing "teen" numbers and understanding what each digit means (tens and ones/units). 

We have designed our own musical instruments after looking at existing ones and how they are played.  We will be having a making morning next Friday so will need lots of junk modelling materials (boxes, tubes, pots, etc) as well as some adult helpers!

Have a good weekend!

Help needed please!
We will be making musical instruments on the morning of Friday 7th October and would like at least 3 parent volunteers for the whole morning. If you are able to help, please let us DT expertise will be needed!

This week.....
We have been learning all about our sense of hearing this week, and have done some fantastic factual writing about Beethoven and Evelyn Glennie. We have also been remembering what makes a golden sentence (capital letter, full stop, finger spaces and makes sense!) In maths we have been doing lots of counting on and back in 10's and 1's, and learning by heart the pairs of numbers (number bonds) that make 4, 5 and 6. Oh, and we have done some country dancing too!
Next week we are moving on to our sense of sight and learning about Louis Braille.
Have a great weekend!

First week back!
We have had a fun and busy first few days! We have been practising reading and writing numbers to 20 correctly (and the right way round!) and also learning to read and spell the number words (one, two, etc.) We have also done some fantastic holiday news writing and have been learning how to write some capital letters and learning when to use them.

All the children now have reading books so they should be reading at least 3 times a week at home, in addition to being heard once a week at school. If you have any concerns about reading or have a reluctant reader, as is often the case after the summer break, please come and speak to one of us at the end of the day....we have some incentives! Please could you also write in your child's diary when they have read, any comment on how they managed or enjoyed the text.

Have a great weekend!

We're looking forward to our new term in Bananas class.  We have a display of all things banana related so if the children have anything at home they would like to bring in to school to add to the display (books, small toys etc) that would be brrrrrilliant!smiley