Year 1 - Giraffes
Miss Burns, Mrs Gregory, Mrs Smith, 

14th September 2018
Welcome to giraffes class page!

The children have settled in really well and are getting used to the new routines of year 1. They are becoming so independent when working, finding what they need and organising themselves.

This week our English focus has been on labelling.  The children have labelled pictures of humans and animals, and discussed the similarities and differences as part of our "Amazing Me" topic. In maths they have been reading and writing numbers to 20 (some beyond 20), finding one more and one less and counting groups of objects accurately.

Next week we will be learning about our sense of hearing. We will be looking at and writing about the lives of famous deaf people such as Beethoven and Evelyn Glennie, and doing some sound investigations.  Next week's maths focus will be the language of maths - more than, greater than, less than, fewer than, same as, equal to.  The children will be comparing sets of objects using this language, and ordering numbers.

Thank you everyone for remembering swimming kits, water bottles and everything else they have needed so far.  There is a lot to remember!

We are reminding the children to change their reading books if they have read them, and we will soon expect them to know if they need changing, as we don't have time to go through every book bag.  Please could you tell your child if their books need to be changed, and comment in your child's diary when they have read.  They should be reading at least 3 times a week in order to make good progress - sometimes it helps to earmark which days will be reading days (when they don't have clubs, etc), and get into a good routine.  If reading time is tricky to find during the week maybe a good couple of sessions at the weekend would work better.

Have a great weekend smiley