Year 1 - Roses
Miss Burns, Mrs Gregory, Mrs Smith, 

Friday 13th October
The children have been learning about their sense of taste this week, and tasting a variety of foods. They wrote sensory poems about bananas, and when they compared their writing to their first writing  in Year 1 six weeks ago, they were amazed to see the difference!

In maths the children have been solving addition problems with a missing number, eg. 6 + ___ = 10, using their fingers or cubes (some were doing this mentally as they are remembering some of their number bonds). Next week we will be ordering days of the week and events in the day, and using the vocabulary "yesterday," "tomorrow," "before" and "after, "for example, What did the boy do before he brushed his teeth?  If today is Friday, what was yesterday?

Next week we will be thinking about the sense of smell, so the children could have a think at home about the smells that they like (and don't like!)

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Friday 6th October
Another busy week has flown by!  The children have been learning about Louis Braille and the Braille alphabet this week. They have also been doing some activities with blindfolds, to find out how important our sense of sight is.  In English we have been doing factual writing about Louis Braille, using golden sentences.

Our maths focus this week has been finding different ways of making numbers from 5-10, and remembering some of these number bonds by heart.  The number bonds of 10 are the ones that the children use the most in a range of contexts, so please help your child to know these by heart at home.

We will be doing our half termly reading and maths assessments next week, so your child may not read individually to an adult.  Please keep up the reading at home, and let us know if there are any problems or queries about reading.

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Friday 29th September
Our topic learning this week and next week is based on our senses of sight and touch. The children have been learning about Stevie Wonder, and we have talked about how guide dogs, white sticks and bumpy paving slabs help people who are blind or partially sighted. Next week we will be focussing on Louis Braille.

The children have also been learning about the difference between a question and a statement, and writing questions with question marks. They all thought of and wrote a question for Mrs. Penny, and interviewed her today!

Maths this week has been based on addition and subtraction, using cubes or fingers to complete addition and subtraction within 10 and using correct terminology. We have started to work on remembering number bonds and will be continuing next week (one of the end of year One objectives is to know all pairs of numbers that make all numbers to 10). We will particularly be focussing on number bonds of 10 , eg 6+4, 7+3, etc.

We are very short of parent helpers for the classroom - many thanks for those who have signed up so far!  Even if you have half an hour to spare, your help would be much appreciated!

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Friday 22nd September
We have had a great week learning about the five senses. We have been focussing on hearing, and have learnt about Evelyn Glennie, a deaf musician, and Beethoven, who became deaf in adulthood and continued to compose music. The children have been writing factual sentences and making sure they are "golden sentences" - capital letter, full stop, finger spaces and makes sense.

In maths we have been learning about and using mathematical language  (more than, less than, fewer, greater, least, most) when comparing quantities. We have also been practising counting forwards and backwards in ones from any number to 30, and reading and writing numbers to 30.

Next week we will be focussing on the sense of sight. In English the children will be learning the difference between a question and a statement, and writing questions using question marks.

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15th September 2017
Welcome to Roses!

The children are settling really well into new routines and have been working hard. They have been practising reading, writing and counting numbers to 20, in numerals and in words, and some have gone beyond 20. They have been working on finding one more and one less than a given number, sometimes using a number line for support. Some children have come home with a post it note with one or two numbers to practise writing at home.

In English we have been focussing on labelling pictures and diagrams. Can you find any information books with a labelled picture at home?

The children have enjoyed swimming this week and were delighted that Mrs. Penny joined them for a dip yesterday! Starting next week, they will have outdoor games (weather permitting) onTuesdays and dance on Fridays.  They will visit the beehive on Wednesdays to choose a new library book.

We are looking forward to meeting you on Wednesday at 7.30 for "Meet the teacher" evening, where we will be talking about Year 1 and what to expect, and we can answer any general or personal questions. 

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