Year 1 - Roses
Miss Burns, Mrs Gregory, Mrs Smith, 

13th July 2018
The children have been learning about writing letters and postcards this week, identifying the features of each of these and the style of language used. They have written letters to their new teacher, telling her about themselves, and to Sunflowers class, telling them all about what to expect in Year One! They have also written postcards from Africa and used short, concise sentences.

In maths we have been revising different strategies for addition and subtraction, including counting on/back and using facts we know, such as doubles and near doubles (if I know 6+6 =12, I know 6+7 = 13). We have been revising quick recall of number bonds of 20, and adding more than two numbers in any order, often starting with the highest number. We have also been trying hard to explain a method or way of thinking (reasoning).

Please could we have any guided reading books and bookmarks back this week, as well as any outstanding library books. 

Class swim next Tuesday will be the last swim of the year for Roses, so they won't need their kit on Thursday.

Achievers this week:

Jack G - excellent calculation and reasoning.
Phoebe - great letter writing on the computer with her left hand!

Hope to see you all later at celebration evening. You can see your child's work in Roses class and meet their new teacher in their new classroom smiley


29th June 2018
The children have been working hard this week and have coped very well in the heat.  We have a fan in the classroom and the children have been drinking lots, wearing their hats and spending some time in the shade at lunchtime.  Please ensure they bring a named hat and water bottle every day and wear sun cream.

In maths we have been working on time - telling the time to o'clock and half past, working out time problems involving an hour/half an hour later, sequencing events and learning months of the year. The children have learnt a song to help them to learn the months of the year....see if they can sing it to you at home!

In English the children have written information leaflets about African animals, using different headings.  We have also been looking at the past tense endings "ed" and "d" and spelling common words such as "looked", "called", "jumped" and "liked".

As the children are doing a lot of guided reading at the moment, they will not be heard reading their reading book as frequently.  We still aim to hear each child read at least once a week, but this may be during a guided reading session, rather than individually.  Please keep reading with your children at home and encourage them to discuss the story and new vocabulary.

Achievers this week:
Faith - great improvement in handwriting.
Mahi - being a fantastic reader.

Hope to see you tomorrow at the fair smiley

22nd June 2018
As part of our animal/Africa topic , the children have been listening to Tinga Tinga tales from Africa, such as "How the Zebra got its stripes". Today they have written their own tales about how the leopard got its spots....there was an awful lot of paint being spilled in the jungle! They have been working on using adjectives to describe settings and characters.

In maths we have been revising 2D and 3D shape names and properties (2D shapes have edges and corners, 3D shapes have faces, edges and vertices). We have also been investigating capacity, estimating how many scoops of sand/orbees will fill a pot, then measuring carefully. 

We have been practising our sports day races and are very excited about our novelty race! All will be revealed in 2 weeks.....

No achievers assembly this week but all of Roses wrote great stories today.

Have a good weekend smiley

15th June 2018
Our healthy eating/walk to school week has been a great sucess this week. We have been thining about the 4 main aims:

Drink plenty - we have been counting to at least 10 when having a drink to make sure we drink enough, especially after playtime and PE.

Have 5 a day - I think most children have been having more than that this week - many thanks for all the fruit contributions!

Get active - walking, scooting, skipping, cycling, running, dancing and swimming are just some of the activities we have been doing this week.

Eat Breakfast - the children really enjoyed having a healthy breakfast at school today (some had this as well as their usual breakfast!)

Many of our activities have been based on these aims this week.  We have also been learning about the stories of Paul Geraghty, consolidating place value in maths and learning about life for a child in urban Kenya and making a comparison between her life and ours. We have also been on 'safari' and founds lots of wild animals on the field!

Achievers this week:

George and Gracie S for excellent writing, comparing their life to the life of a Kenyan  child.

Please keep sending in water bottles, hats and waterproof coats every day, as we play outside in most weathers.

Have a good weekendyes

8th June 2018
Welcome back!  The children have been telling us all about their half term activities - sounds like you all had a busy time.

Our new topic is Amazing animals. In Science we will be learning the names, features and adaptations of water, land and air animals, and sorting them by what they eat and by type (mammal, bird, fish, minibeast, reptile, amphibian). We will also be learning about Africa, and focussing on the life of a school child in Kenya.  The children have already been pond dipping and insect hunting, as well as looking at a map of Africa, its surrounding seas and locating Kenya.  We discovered it is on the equator so much hotter than here!
In maths our focus is place value so we have been ordering numbers to 100, representing them in different ways by partitioning them (breaking them into 10's and 1's) and finding numbers that satisfy given criteria, such as "greater than 20 but less than 27". This will also be our maths focus for next week.

In English we have been looking at stories from Africa and next week our focus will be on the stories of Paul Geraghty, who is South African. We have been using story language and remembering golden sentences to write interesting story endings. We are also working on capital letters at the beginning of names, places, months and days.

Please could everyone make sure their child has their PE kit in school with well-fitting plimsolls or trainers.  Our first PE lesson started late today because 7 children were without kit!

Next week we are participating in a number of activities to promote healthy eating, drinking and exercise. Free breakfast will be served between 8.00 and 8.30 on Friday so you my drop off your child between these times.  Please sign up at the office if you wish to do this.  It may be instead of or in addition to their normal breakfast. Finally, please ride, scoot or walk to school (a walk from the community centre car park counts!)

Have a good weekend smiley


18th May 2018
The children and staff all look fabulous today dressed in red, white and blue. They have enjoyed showing their outfits to each other in our whole school assembly.

The children have been working hard on their fractions this week - finding half and quarter of a number or shape and using these skills to solve problems.  They have understod that each share needs to be exactly the same. Next week we will be focusing on positional language (above, below, left, right, beside, beneath, above) and turns (quarter and half, clockwise and anti-clockwise).

In English we have continued to look at stories with a repetitive phrase.  The children have retold a story in their own words, and written their own repetitive story about an enormous vegetable! We have revised story starts and different ways to start a sentence to make a story exciting (not "and then"!) We have also been practising writing names with a capital letter, and discussed how animals do not need a capital letter unless it is their actual name, eg. Peter Rabbit, Mr. Fox).

Swimming has started well and all the children have been confident and happy in the pool. Many thanks to the parents who have been helping....if you have not signed up to help yet and are able to, please do. Many hands make light work! Please could you ensure your child always has a coat in school, as it can be chilly after swimming, and we do play outside in most weathers.

Achievers this week:
Bartie and Nellie for excellent story writing with good punctuation.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the wedding!smiley

11th May 2018
Apologies....achievers this week:

Mahi - super creative writing.
Gracie S - great work all week especially in maths

11th May 2018
In English this week we have been reading lots of stories with a repetitive structure, and spotting the repetitive phrase (s). The children have written in response to "Eat your peas" and "Really, really" by Kes Gray, really using their imaginations to make their writing funny and far-fetched, in the style of the orignal story! For example...."If you eat your peas I will give you a whole zoo and as many oreos as you want!" We have also been looking at contractions (words with an apostrophe to represent missing letters) - can they spot any in their reading book?

In maths we have been working on finding half and quarter of a quanity, by drawing a picture to share between 2 or 4. Next week we will continue with this, as well as learning how to identify half and quarter of a shape.

Please keep the pictures of wild flowers coming - we will be using them towards the end of the week. Please ensure they are named (child's name and flower name please!)

Swimming starts next week....many thanks to the adults who have signed up to help already.  If you haven't and are able to, please do.  We need as much help as possible! There will be a member of staff at the changing rooms too.

Have a great weekendyes

4th May 2018
The children had a wonderful time on their trip yesterday - they had lots of fun, learnt a lot and behaved really well. Many thanks to the adult helpers who came along.

In maths this week the children have been finding totals to £1.00 with different coins (starting with the highest value when counting) and making amounts to pay for items in a shop. At home, they could count a small handful of coins or find the right coins to pay for something to consolidate their learning.
Next week we will be looking at finding half or quarter of a quantity, and using these skills to solve problems involving length, weigh and capacity. For example, a cup holds 14 cubes, how many cubes would be in half a cup full?  A piece of ribbon is 20cm long.  How long is one quarter of that?

In English the children have been learning how to write a recount of an event, and wrote excellent recounts of their Hever Castle trip.  They know that a good recount needs:  different sentence openers such as next, after that, later on, etc, as well as interesting details about the important parts (the castle) and less detail about lunch and the coach journey! Next week we will be looking at stories with a repetitive phrase and writing a story with a repetitive structure. We will also be looking at contractions (words that have an apostrophe to represent a missing letter or letters, such as don't, can't).

As part of our science, we would like the children to bring in a photo of their favourite plant/flower in their garden or found on a walk.  We will be using these photos to name, describe and compare plants so please ensure your child knows the name of their plant!

Have a good weekendsmiley


27th April 2018
Roses have been very busy this week learning about castles.  We have learnt lots of facts and made posters about castles, then used our poster-making skills to make a poster about a wild flower to share with a child from a reception class. They have all brought home a game they made to help them to remember the names of some wild flowers - how many can they spot over the weekend?

In maths we have continued to focus on making sets and sharing objects, and have been working hard to learn doubles to 10+10 (some have learnt doubles beyond this). Next week Year 1 will be learning how to count money to £1, make amounts and solve problems involving money, eg. I have 2 silver coins....what could my total be?

Now that the weather is getting warmer (except for today!), please ensure your child has a waterproof coat with a hood every day. We do go outside in most weathers and wet clothes can be very uncomfortable!

Achievers this week:

Noah and Lucy for excellent, colourful posters about a wild flower.

Have a great weekendyes

20th April 2018
Welcome back! What a lovely way to start the summer term, enjoying the warm weather.  We are really pleased to see so many children bringing hats and water bottles to school, and wearing sun cream. Please ensure all hats and bottles are named.

This week we have started our new topic of Castles.  The children have been sharing what they already know and what they would like to find out.  We have talked about the different people that would have lived in a castle, and why they were built.

In English we have been looking at, following and writing instructions.  The children are very good at this and all know that instructions begin with a "bossy verb"! Next week our writing focus will be information posters about wild flowers (linking with science) - maybe you could see how many different wild flowers you can spot when out and about, and find out their names.

In maths we are focussing on multiplication and division problems, using the language "groups of", "sets of", " lots of", "shared by" and "shared between".  The children have been drawing dots in pots for sharing and drawing sets for multiplication.  We are not teaching the signs for these operations at this stage, simply problem solving by drawing. We will be continuing with this next week.

Achievers this week:

Bartie - excellent maths problem solving.
Dylan - much improved effort with writing.

Well done! yes

23rd March 2018
Another week has flown by and the children have been very busy. In maths we have been consolidating measuring in centimetres and practising number bonds of 10.  We have used number bonds of 10 to help with number bonds of 20 and also looked at number families to derive subtraction facts (16+4 = 20 so 20 - 4 = 16 and 20- 16 = 4).

Out English work has been based on writing non fiction texts based on the Spring festivals of Holi, Passover and Easter.  We have also been looking at how we can add -er or -est to a root word to make a new word, eg. high, higher, highest.

We now have enough helpers for the trip on May 3rd, many thanks. 

Just a reminder about Education City...all the children have a login in the front of their reading diary, and there is an activity for just about every area of the curriculum that we teach.  So next week we will be continuing with number bonds of 10 and 20 - if you type number bonds of 10 or 20 into the search window the activities will come up.  It's a great, fun way to reinforce these important skills - maybe one to think about for the Easter holidays!

Have a great weekendsmiley

9th March 2018
What an exciting book week we have had!  Starting off with a vist from the author Christian Darkin, the children have been reading, writing and evaluating poetry and using lots of adjectives this week. Dressing up day was a great success and the children are all able to list a range of adjectives.

In maths this week the children have been learning to count in 10's, 2's and 5's (5's proved the trickiest as it was new to many of them) and solving problems such as "1 banana costs 5p, how much do 4 bananas cost?"  and "How many 10p's are in 80p?" Next week our maths focus with be using the language of length and height (shorter than, longer than, taller than, the same/equal length or height) and measuring in non standard and standard measures (cm).

We are continuing with our growing topic, and naming common spring flowers.  How many can you find growing in the garden?  Or in the park?  Are they the same as the plants in our classroom? (We have daffodils, tulips, primroses, hyacinths and grape hyacinths).

Have a good weekend smiley

23rd February 2018
The children have settled back well into the school routine and have told us and written about their half term adventures.

This week we have been learning about Scotland as part of our mini topic on the UK, including reading and writing about Katie Morag and learning facts about the geography of Scotland. Next week will be the turn of Wales, as it will be St. David's day on Thursday. We have also been planting pea seeds and thinking about what they need in order to grow.

In maths we have been continuing to work on place value, knowing what each number in a 2 digit number represents and displaying numbers in different ways (tens frames, tens and units and using 10p's and 1p's). We have been learning how to add/subtract 1 or 10 mentally by adjusting the correct digit. Next week we will be comparing numbers to 50 using the symbols <  >  = ( less than, greater than, equal to) and finding the difference between two numbers.

Don't forget costumes for Friday 9th March, our dress up day for our Book Week. The theme is are some ideas we thought up:  sparkly, old, young, furry, shiny, spotty, beautiful, colourful, fierce, wicked, stripey, smart, elegant, scruffy....the possibilities are endless!

Have a great weekend yes

9th February
We have been very busy this week learning about even (multiples of 2) and odd numbers, counting in 2's, investigating what happens when we add even and odd numbers and looking at the last digit of a large number to tell if it is odd or even.

In English we have been working on plurals where s or es are added (es where a word ends in ch, sh, x). We have also been learning and reciting "The Owl and the Pussycat" by Edward Lear - the whole of year 1 performed this to the school, each verse being read by a group of children. They did amazingly well and really enjoyed it!

Next term's main topic will be "Let it grow", where our science focus will be naming parts of trees and plants, understanding the function of each part and naming some common spring flowers. We do touch upon photosynthesis but in "Year 1" language..." the leaves catch the sunlight so the plant can make its own food." We will also be learning about the 4 countries of the UK, their capital cities and surrounding seas. PE will continue to be inside next half term so hold off buying any new plimsolls until after Easter!

Have a great week - lets hope it's a bit warmer when we return smiley

2nd February
This week we have been looking at place value in maths, and making/counting numbers to 50 using dienes (tens and ones).  We have also been learning how to add and subtract 10 or 1 using dienes, and looking at which digit changes, eg 35 + 10....the tens digit changes to a 4 so it is 45.  Some children have started to work out how to do this mentally by working out which digit needs to change!  Next week our maths focus will be odd/even and counting in 2's.

In English we have been writing information texts about Victorians, using different headings such as toys, homes, holidays, schools. Next week's focus will be poetry, including "The Owl and the Pussycat" by Edward Lear.

We hope the children are confident to read their words out ready to practise our assembly on Monday - it's perfectly OK for children to read them from the card if they need to! 

Have a great weekendsmiley

Class assembly
Apologies, the date of the class assembly is Wednesday 7th February!  Please help your child to learn their words and say them clearly, and leave words in book bags ready to practise on Monday and Tuesday.

26th January 2018
What a busy week!  Our maths focus this week has been weighing - comparing the weight of objects and using corect vocabulary (heavier than, lighter than, equal) and using non standard units (cubes, paper clips, etc) to weigh. We have been doing lots of reasoning problems too, eg. if it takes 100 feathers to balance a banana, how many dominoes would it take?  Would it be more or less? Why? The children had to estimate and then find out using the scales.

In English we have been looking at non-fiction texts and how they are written and organised.  We learnt that non fiction books often have a contents page, index, headings to introduce each part of the book and sometimes diagrams and captions. The children have written factual sentences about the Great Exhibition and about homes in Victorian times. We have also been looking at the difference between a question and a statement and writing questions for each other to answer.

Don't forget to dress up for Victorian Day on Tuesday 30th January....the children will spend the whole day in a "Victorian classroom!"  Also our class assembly is at 9.15 on Tuesday 6th February.

Have a great weekend! yes

19th January 2018
The children have been working hard this week learning different methods of adding and subtracting (fingers, put number in head and count on, use a number line or do a jotting) and choosing which one they prefer to solve a problem. We have been looking at the signs + and-, paying close attention when the number sentences are mixed!

In English we have been looking at and writing instructions. The children know that instructions need to be numbered, have a bossy verb at the beginning and each new instruction needs a new line. Each instruction also needs a capital letter and full stop. We have also been spelling days of the week and learning tricks to spell the difficult ones (Wed-nes-day).

We have been looking at old and new toys as part of our topic, and using learn pads to take photos of artefacts.  

Next week our main maths topic will be weighing, and our English focus will be identifying features of a non fiction text (contents page, index, headings, diagrams, captions, blurb/synopsis) and how non fiction texts are organised.

Have a great weekend smiley

12th January 2018
Another week has flown by and the children have been working hard.  They have been learning about the life and work of Beatrix Potter and Edward Elgar, and have produced some great artwork and music/dance.  In English the children have been writing character descriptions and inventing their own Beatrix Potter- inspired character.  We have also been learning how to form the past tense by adding d or ed to the root word, eg.  liked, played. Sometimes we get caught out with words like " looked" because it sounds like a "t" on the end!

In maths the children have been very successful in telling the time to o'clock and half past, and drawing hands on clocks to match the time given.  We have also started to problem solve, with questions like "I order a pizza at half past two and it arrives an hour later....what time does it arrive?"

Next week our English focus will be information texts and instructions, and our maths focus will be addition and subtraction using objects, number lines or jottings.  We will also be practising adding a small number to a bigger number by holding the larger number in our head and count on using fingers.

Have a great weekend yes


5th January 2018
Happy new year and welcome back!  The children have all settled back into school happily and all seem to have grown!

We have been learning how to write a recount this week (an account of an event or day), focussing on using time connectives (First, next, after that, a little while later, etc) to avoid overuse of "and then". We have also looked at using the connective " and" to add detail, eg. I opened my presents and my favourite toy was a huge teddy bear.

In maths we have been revising 2D shape names and properties, and halving shapes.  The children know that two halves have to be the same size and shape.  We will build upon this next week when we will be working on telling the time to o' clock and half past, and extending to 1 hour/half an hour later problem solving.

We have started our new topic "Victorians", and looked at some old photos of Ashtead before the railway, and were surprised to know there used to be a fairground in the area where the station is! We have looked at some Victorian artefacts and played some Victorian games (skipping games and hopscotch). Next week we will be learning about the life of Queen Victoria and Beatrix Potter.

The rabbit rota is now in the main entrance hall if you wish to sign up for a Saturday or Sunday. No cleaning out required, just feeding/topping up water and some cuddles!

Have a good weekendsmiley

1st December 2017
What a busy week we have had!  Many thanks for everyone who helped with Christmas art and DT day - it was a great success and the children leant lots of new skills and had fun.  We have just about got all the glitter off the carpets and glue off the tables now!

As well as all the crafts, we have been writing letters to Santa, thinking about the organisational features of a letter, such as address, date, to, from and P.S. We have also been practising using connectives to make sentences more detailed.

In maths we have been practising reading, writing and ordering numbers to 20 (some children extended to 50), as well as writing them in words and recognising the number words. Next week the children will be introduced to place value, looking at the ten in a "teens" number and partitioning (splitting) numbers into tens and ones.

The children should all have brought home a letter about their costume. Please make sure items are named and brought into school in a named carrier bag on Thursday 14th December.  For angels, please no wings or halos - just a white outfit with a length of tinsel will be needed.

The list for party food is in the folder by the office - please sign up to bring something (enough for 6-8 children).

Hope to see you at the fair on Sunday, have a good weekend smiley

24th November 2017
Year 1 have had such a busy week!  In maths we have been naming and describing 2D and 3D shapes (2D shapes have sides/edges and corners, and 3D shapes have faces, edges and vertices/corners). The children have been trying hard to use the correct vocabulary to describe them. Can they spot any in the house or garden?

In English we have been continuing to work on extending sentences using connectives (and, because, but, so) and looking at endings of stories, culminating in writing an alternative ending for Goldilocks and the three bears.  Goldilocks was very lucky because in many of the endings she was forgiven and ended up eating cupcakes with the three bears! Sadly in one, she got eaten by a fox! frown

We are fully stocked with boxes now, thank you for your contributions.  We could still do with a few more toilet roll tubes please.

Don't forget the rota for feeding/cuddling the rabbits is in the main entrance hall with the other rotas.  

Have a great weekendsmiley

17th November 2017
Apologies for the lack of update last week.

The children have been busy learning about and using different story starts (once upon a time, once there lived, a long time ago, etc) and sentence openers (next, suddenly, in a flash, after that, soon). They have been writing the beginning and middle of a story and next week we will be working on endings.

In maths we have been working on money skills: recognising and ordering all coins, counting amounts containing 1p's, 2p's and 5p's and making amounts using these coins.  This is something that they could practise at home - see if they can find the right coins to "pay" for things.

We have been continuing to learn about different materials and describe objects in science using scientific vocabulary (hard, soft, rough, smooth, shiny, dull, heavy, light). 

A couple of pleas.....we have very little classroom help between now and christmas. If anyone is able to help for a session or even half an hour at the beginning or end of the day, please sign up.  Thank you to those who have signed up for art/DT day -we are a little short of helpers for the morning if anyone is able to help.  The signing up sheet is in the Roses folder in the main entrance hall.

Finally, we have named our rabbits Pepper and Flopsy.  There is a weekend rota for feeding/cuddling the rabbits in the same area as the class folders if anyone would like to help. There will be no cleaning out required - just topping up food and water and giving them a cuddle!

Have a great weekend and please keep the junk modelling supplies coming!

Friday 3rd November
Welcome back!  The children have been telling us all about their half term adventures and have been working hard.  Our main topic for this half term is traditional tales and the children have been listening to a range of these.  We are building up a bank of "story language" from these books - common story starts like once upon a time, one sunny day, a long time ago, etc, and common sentence openers to avoid overusing "then," such as suddenly, after that, a few minutes later, finally, etc.  The children will be practising writing the beginning, the middle and the end of a story using some of this language, building up to writing a whole story in a few weeks' time.  We have also been using adjectives to describe characters this week, and next week we will be describing settings for stories.

In maths we are continuing with addition and subtraction, mainly within 10, and the vocabulary associated with it.  The children have been drawing objects to solve addition and subtraction problems, and learning about deriving subtraction facts from known addition facts, eg. 6+4 = 10 so   10 - 4 = 6 and 10 - 6 = 4.  Please keep practising number bonds of 10 - some children are really knowing these by heart and using them in their problem solving.

Please could you ensure you are hearing your child read at least 3 times a week - those children who are reading regularly generally make the most progress!  Don't forget to discuss the story with your child and discuss any new vocabulary - maybe they could suggest another word that means the same? If you are finding your child reluctant, please come and chat with us as we can provide some incentives.

Finally please could we have more boxes and tubes, as we will de designing and making fairy tale houses this half term.  Small shoe boxes, cereal boxes and other small boxes would be perfect.

Have a good weekend and enjoy the fireworks!

Friday 13th October
The children have been learning about their sense of taste this week, and tasting a variety of foods. They wrote sensory poems about bananas, and when they compared their writing to their first writing  in Year 1 six weeks ago, they were amazed to see the difference!

In maths the children have been solving addition problems with a missing number, eg. 6 + ___ = 10, using their fingers or cubes (some were doing this mentally as they are remembering some of their number bonds). Next week we will be ordering days of the week and events in the day, and using the vocabulary "yesterday," "tomorrow," "before" and "after, "for example, What did the boy do before he brushed his teeth?  If today is Friday, what was yesterday?

Next week we will be thinking about the sense of smell, so the children could have a think at home about the smells that they like (and don't like!)

Have a good weekendsmiley

Friday 6th October
Another busy week has flown by!  The children have been learning about Louis Braille and the Braille alphabet this week. They have also been doing some activities with blindfolds, to find out how important our sense of sight is.  In English we have been doing factual writing about Louis Braille, using golden sentences.

Our maths focus this week has been finding different ways of making numbers from 5-10, and remembering some of these number bonds by heart.  The number bonds of 10 are the ones that the children use the most in a range of contexts, so please help your child to know these by heart at home.

We will be doing our half termly reading and maths assessments next week, so your child may not read individually to an adult.  Please keep up the reading at home, and let us know if there are any problems or queries about reading.

Have a great weekend smiley

Friday 29th September
Our topic learning this week and next week is based on our senses of sight and touch. The children have been learning about Stevie Wonder, and we have talked about how guide dogs, white sticks and bumpy paving slabs help people who are blind or partially sighted. Next week we will be focussing on Louis Braille.

The children have also been learning about the difference between a question and a statement, and writing questions with question marks. They all thought of and wrote a question for Mrs. Penny, and interviewed her today!

Maths this week has been based on addition and subtraction, using cubes or fingers to complete addition and subtraction within 10 and using correct terminology. We have started to work on remembering number bonds and will be continuing next week (one of the end of year One objectives is to know all pairs of numbers that make all numbers to 10). We will particularly be focussing on number bonds of 10 , eg 6+4, 7+3, etc.

We are very short of parent helpers for the classroom - many thanks for those who have signed up so far!  Even if you have half an hour to spare, your help would be much appreciated!

Have a great weekendsmiley

Friday 22nd September
We have had a great week learning about the five senses. We have been focussing on hearing, and have learnt about Evelyn Glennie, a deaf musician, and Beethoven, who became deaf in adulthood and continued to compose music. The children have been writing factual sentences and making sure they are "golden sentences" - capital letter, full stop, finger spaces and makes sense.

In maths we have been learning about and using mathematical language  (more than, less than, fewer, greater, least, most) when comparing quantities. We have also been practising counting forwards and backwards in ones from any number to 30, and reading and writing numbers to 30.

Next week we will be focussing on the sense of sight. In English the children will be learning the difference between a question and a statement, and writing questions using question marks.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine! smiley

15th September 2017
Welcome to Roses!

The children are settling really well into new routines and have been working hard. They have been practising reading, writing and counting numbers to 20, in numerals and in words, and some have gone beyond 20. They have been working on finding one more and one less than a given number, sometimes using a number line for support. Some children have come home with a post it note with one or two numbers to practise writing at home.

In English we have been focussing on labelling pictures and diagrams. Can you find any information books with a labelled picture at home?

The children have enjoyed swimming this week and were delighted that Mrs. Penny joined them for a dip yesterday! Starting next week, they will have outdoor games (weather permitting) onTuesdays and dance on Fridays.  They will visit the beehive on Wednesdays to choose a new library book.

We are looking forward to meeting you on Wednesday at 7.30 for "Meet the teacher" evening, where we will be talking about Year 1 and what to expect, and we can answer any general or personal questions. 

Have a good weekend yes