Reception - Sunflowers
Miss Charlton, Mrs Oliver, 

Class News 16.07.18
This week we have been travelling around the World!! On Monday we started our travels by visiting England and learning about our famous landmarks. On Tuesday we travelled to Wales, Aurelius and Meagan brought in some of their special things that they have from Wales. We also made a welsh dragon. On Wednesday we went to Italy! We tasted ice cream and enjoyed the sunshine. Today we visited France and played Boules on the field. Tomorrow we will make our last trip to South Africa and listen to drumming music. 

This week we have revised our sounds and words and written captions to match pictures on our whiteboards. 

In maths we have been looking at patterns and time. We looked at 3 colour patterns and made our own by printing with cotton wheels. We have been looking back at o'clock times and started thinking about half past. 

This week we had our class swim! It was lovely to see how confidnet and happy everyone is in the water! 

All the children's work is being sent home in the book bags. We had our final visit to Year 1 on Wednesday, it was great fun. See you back in September as Giraffes!

Lastly, thank you from Mrs Oliver and I for all your support and lovely cards and gifts this year. It has been a pleasure to teach your children and be part of their learning. Have a lovely summer break!! 

Class News W.B.09.07.18
This week we have been learning about minibeasts. On Monday we visited the pond. We did pond dipping and used magnifying glasses to look closely at the different minibeasts we found. We also saw a newt and lots of tadpoles! We have been watching clips from Jess' Minibeast Adventures to find out more facts. 

In phonics we have revised our sounds and ordered words in sentences. We also wrote about our visit to the pond in our writing books. 

In maths we have been learning about subtraction word problems. We talked about listening to the numbers and working out what we need to do. "There are 6 ladybirds and 2 leaves, how many ladybirds don't have a leaf?" We showed our working out on a whiteboard. 

We also went to visit our new classrooms for year 1 this week and talked about what we are looking forward to for next year. Mrs Gregory, Miss Burns and Mrs Smith will be available at celebration evening to talk to you about next year if you wish. 

Tomorrow is Celebration Evening, this is a lovely opportunity to see the beautiful art work and writing we have been doing this year. Please come along at 5.30pm to see our lovely displays. You will be able to look at the children's work but please don't move the displays. 

Class News W.B. 02.07.18
This week we have been learning about minibeasts. We looked for different minibeasts on the field using hoops and the magnifying glasses. We wrote about our favourite minibeasts and listened to songs about minibeasts. We also learnt the titles of the song 'Five fine bumble bees' and found out what a chorus is. 

In Phonics we learnt the new 'air' sound and practised writing 'air' words using the phoneme frames. We also played the 'air' education city game. 

In Maths we have been learning about ordinal numbers. We have completed races and looked at patterns to work out which was 1st 2nd or 3rd in the line. We ordered minibeasts in a pattern and record which place they came in. 

Tomorrow is Sports Day, all children need their hat and water bottle, they do not need their book. We will be on the field doing running races and our fun race 'The Sunflower Sprint'.

Next week we will be learning about minibeasts that live at the pond.

Class News 25.06.18
This week we have been learning about Space. We started the week by talking about the planets and listening to a song about them Then we looked at the job of an astronaut. We painted our own ideas of what Space might look like. Yesterday we listened to 'The Planets' Music by Gustav Holst and drew pictures using oil pastels. On Tuesday we read 'Whatever Next!" and wrote our own endings to the story. These have been made in to a book for Celebration Evening. Tomorrow we will be comparing Earth to Saturn. 

In phonics we learnt the new sound 'igh' we played the education city game and thought of 'igh' words. The children have also been using their sounds and words to do lots of independent writing.

In maths we revised addition and used the part whole model. The children wrote number sentences to make a total. We also learnt to count in 2's 5's and 10's using the 100 square.

Next week we will be learning about Minibeasts!

P.S. It is very hot at the moment, we are asking children to bring in a hat and water bottle everyday. Thank you. 

Class News 18.06.18

What a busy week!

This week we have been preparing for our Grandparent's Tea Party! We have really enjoyed receiving all the lovely replies and reading about our Grandparent's experiences when they were little. We have drawn and painted portraits of our Grandparent's for them to see at the Tea Party tomorrow. The children have also been busy making jam tarts and sandwiches for the Grandparents.  We have also made a class book and have written why we love our Grandparents. We are really looking forward to performing. Thank you so much for your cake donations and help. 

In Phonics we learnt the new 'ear' sound and played the 'ear' education city game. We also talked about other words we could think of with the 'ear' sound.

In Maths we have been learning about halving and sharing. We shared out aliens on the whiteboard and talked about making sure we share fairly. We have also played some sharing and halving games in groups.

For PE this week we have started to practise for Sports Morning. We will be doing flat running races and an obstacle course race.

At the end of this week we have also started to think about Space and talked about what we would like to learn about.

Next week we will be continuing with our Space topic. 


Class New W.B. 11.06.18
This week we have been learning about Superheroes and Kepping Healthy. We designed and made super snacks to give us super powers. We also read 'Supertato' and talked about the different powers the Super Veggies have. We talked about different ways we keep healthy and have 'made a change' to drink all of our water bottles everyday. We also brought in fruit and vegetables to talk about as a class. In the mornings we have been talking about how we get to school. 

In maths we have been looking at doubling numbers, we rolled a dice and doubled the number of evil peas. We also wrote number sentences on the whiteboard to match. We practised our measuring skills this week by throwing bean bags and using the bricks to measure how far they could throw. 

In Phonics we have learnt the new ure sound. We also practised writing with our sounds and learnt some new teddy words. 

Next week is our Grandparent's Tea Party. We have drawn and painted portraits of our Grandparents and will be performing on Friday afternoon. Please could you bring in a named carrier bag of party clothes by Thursday for your child to wear that afternoon. We would also appreciate a donation of cakes from each family for the Tea Party. Please bring send these into the classroom with your child on Thursday.

Class News W.B. 04.06.18
Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely half term!

We have been learning about Superheroes and Mythical creatures this week. We started by thinking about the different Superheroes we know and will be talking about real life Superheroes. Next week we will be coming to school dressed as Superheroes and trying out super snacks to give us special powers!

In Maths this week we have been counting sets and ordering teens numbers. We did a cut and stick of the numbers to 20 and practised our number formation.

In Phonics we have been revising our digraph sounds and learning new teddy words. We have sorted words with the 'er' or 'ar' sound.

We have really enjoyed reading our replies from our Grandparents! We have learnt lots about how school has changed over the years. The children have also started drawing and painting pictures of their Grandparents for the tea party.

In dance we danced round the Maypole  for the first time! It was very exciting!

Next week we will be continuing with our Superheroes topic!!

Class News 21.05.18
This week we have been learning about different types of water transport. We have sorted transport in to land, air and sea. We also wrote about our favourite pieces of trasnport and finished off our transport books. 

We posted our letters to our Grandparents this week and are looking forward to receiving the replies after half term. 

In phonics we have been practising our sounds and words and reading different words and questions. Everyone also has new reading books for half term. 

In Maths we have been learning about subtraction and have written number sentences to show how many we take away. We also played a rabbit subtraction game 

Next week is half term, enjoy the break and see you Tuesday 5th June. 

Class News 14.05.18
This week we have been learning about air transport. We have looked at different types, hot air balloon, rescue helicopter and a plane. Then we wrote the next page of our transport books. The children also had a go at making paper areoplanes and tested them in the outside area.

In phonics we have been revising or, ou and oi by reading and writing different words. We have also been practising all our sounds and teddy words.

In maths we have looked at number bonds to 10 and 5. We have used the 10's frame and part whole model. The children remembered the symbols and have been writing number sentences. 

We started swimmming on Tuesday, everyone loved being in the pool and thought the water was really warm! 

Next week we will be learning about water transport. 

Please remember to return your Grandparent's Tea Party letters by Wednesday 23rd May. 

Class News 7.5.18
This week we have been continuing with our Transport topic. The children have been learning about Ambulances, Steam Trains and Ice Cream Vans. At the start of the week we looked at some old fashioned cars and a Penny Farthing on our school playground. The children got to sit in the car and watch the bike going round the playground.

In Phonics we have been carrying on with the split digraphs and reading words with o_e and u_e. We have also been revising our digraphs and writing words containing these e.g. coat, shop...

In Maths we have been learning about Money. First we went over the names of the coins and then we have been buying different items using multiple coins and working out totals.

Today we had our class photo for the year! 

Next week we will be learning about Air Transport.