Reception - Zebras
Mrs Davies, Mrs Oliver

11th January
This week we have begun our ‘Amazing Animals’ topic by learning about wild animals, with a focus on zebras, elephants and giraffes. We have learnt new facts about the animals and we especially liked learning that some zoo keepers are more scared of zebras than of lions! Our outside area has been turned into a safari and the children have enjoyed cycling the bikes around and spotting different animals.
In phonics we have been learning the ‘wh’ and ‘zz’ sounds. We have been reading and writing words with these sounds. We have also practised reading and writing CVC words. Please keep sharing the reading books at home- it makes a great impact on the children’s reading and we love to see your comments in their diaries.
Our Maths topic this week has been adding 3 more. We looked at lots of problems involving animals e.g. there are 5 zebras and 3 more come along. How many are there now? We have learnt to solve these problems using cubes and numicon. We also learnt how to record it as a number sentence using the + and = symbols.
In a few weeks we will be having a Pet Week as part of our ‘Amazing Animals’ topic. We would love for you to bring your pet in to share with the children. Please keep an eye out for the sign up sheet!
Maths Games
The children have bought a maths game home with them today. Please fill in the game card and return by Wednesday so that a new game can be sent home the following Friday. Any questions, please do ask a member of the Reception team.
Enjoy your weekend!

4th January
Happy New Year! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and would like to thank you again for your generous presents.
The children have come back to school confidently and ready to learn. They have been excited to share their holiday news with their friends. 
The newsletter is in bookbags today, along with a list of events and dates for the coming term.
Please remind children to place their reading books in the red box in the classroom when they need to be changed. 

Have a lovely weekend!

7th December
Thank you to everyone who supported the Christmas fair. We hope you enjoyed looking at all the decorations we made!
We have continued our Christmas celebrations this week. We listened to the Christmas story and discussed why Christian’s celebrate.
In Maths we have been learning to weigh objects using cubes. We have investigated how many cubes heavy different classroom objects are and even helped Santa’s elves- they can only carry objects that weigh less than 20 cubes!
In phonics we have begun to learn about digraphs- 2 letters that work together as a team to make one sound. This week we learnt ‘sh’ and made sheep and we learnt ‘qu’ and made a queen in a quilt.
Have a great weekend!


23rd November
Our Dinosaur topic is continuing to be a huge success with Zebras! This week we have learnt about the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Diplodocus. The children then picked their favourite dinosaur to write about.
In Maths we have been learning to measure length and height. We ordered dinosaur bones from shortest to longest and have begin to use non-standard units of measure (cubes) to find out how long an object is.
Our sounds this week have been b, j and z. We bounced bats and balls, tasted jelly and painted zebras to help us remember the sounds.
Thank you to all the parents who have signed up to help on Art and DT day (Wednesday 28th November). There are still slots if you are available to help. Please keep collecting magazines for us – we need them for one of our crafts.
On Monday the children will say goodbye to their grown-ups in the cloak room. A member of the Reception team will be available in the cloakroom and can take messages.
Enjoy the weekend!


16th November
Zebras have really enjoyed their first week learning about dinosaurs. We have found out about the stegosaurus, pterodactyl and triceratops and the children are looking forward to learning about even more dinosaurs next week!
We also went on a dinosaur hunt. We had to travel through tunnels, cross over rivers and climb over hills to seek the dinosaur!
In phonics we hae learnt the sounds h, l and e and have been practising our blending skills by saying all the sounds quickly to hear the word.
Our Maths topic has been positional language. We have used the words 'next to' 'in front of' behind' and 'under' to play dinosaur hide and seek, describing where the dinosaurs were hiding.
Have a great weekend!

9th November
We began this week by sharing our firework experiences from the weekend and created firework pictures as part of our learning on our new sound ‘f’. We have also learnt ‘u’, painting umbrellas, and ‘r’, colouring in a rainbow.
Our theme for the week has been Diwali and we have learnt a lot about the festival. Zebras all designed their own mehndi pattern and enjoyed colouring in Rangoli patterns. They also write about the celebration in their writing books.
In Maths the children have been learning to add 2 more to a number. We began with a set of objects and then added 2 more, counting to find the total.
It was great to see you at Parent Consultations and sharing your child’s achievements with you. You should all be very proud!
Designs for Christmas cards are in book bags today. These can be ordered on line (see the letter for details). Examples are kept in the office if you would like to see some.
Have a great weekend!


2nd November
We hope you had a lovely half term- we have been very impressed with how well the children have come back into school after having a break.
This week we have been very busy. In phonics we have learnt 'o' 'c' and 'k' and created an octopus, caterpillar and kite craft to support our learning. 
In Maths we have been learning to say 1 more than a given number. The children rolled a dice to find out how many bricks to use in their tower and then added one more brick. They counted all the bricks to find the answer. 
We have been travelling in in different ways across the benches in PE, as well as learning how to jump and land safely from equipment. Zebras also continue to enjoy their yoga sessions. 
Zebras have managed to fill their ball jar! The children earn a ball for whole class achievements. This could be doing excellent listening in assembly, all getting ready on the carpet quickly and quietly or practising all their sounds. We had a vote and Zebras have chosen to watch a short film and eat popcorn, which we will do on Monday!
I am looking forward to seeing you all at Parent's Consultations next week. Please check your appointment time (on the classroom door) and arrive 10 minutes before to allow yourself time to look at your children's work.
Have a great weekend and stay safe whilst watching fireworks- the children have learnt lots of different ways they can keep themselves safe during firework displays. 

19th October
What a fantastic first half term the children have had at school! We are all very proud of how well they have settled into school.
This week our topic was Autumn and we began the week with an autumn walk around school, looking for signs of autumn. Zebras then completed their first piece of writing in their writing books about what they had seen.
In Maths we have been using the balance scales to compare the weight of two objects. The children have used the language ‘heavier’ and ‘lighter’ to describe the objects.
The teddy words this week are ‘a’ and ‘go’ and we have learnt the sounds ‘d’ and ‘g’. Please take the opportunity over half to practise these words and sounds, as well as sharing their reading books.
Our Harvest Assembly at St George’s Church was a super way to end the half term. All the children sang beautifully and we were very pleased with how well they sat and listened to each other.
Thank you for all your support settling the children into school and we wish you a very happy half term!


28th September
This week Zebras have been sharing what they would like to learn about this year. It has been lovely to hear their ideas and we are all looking forward to learning about lots of exciting things!
Our sounds this week have been 'a' and 't'. We have practised forming the letters correctly and created ants and tigers to help us remember our new learning!
In Maths we have learnt the numbers 6-10 and revised numbers 0-5. 
All the children have bought home reading books this week. Please read the books twice before putting them in the red box in the classroom to be changed. Please can we ask that water bottles are not put in bookbags to avoid the books getting wet- thank you!
Have a great weekend!

20th September
What a great start to school the children have had! They are all making lots of new friends and have been busy learning our school routines.
This week we have been practising the 's' sound. We have practised writing it, listened for it in words and even made a snake!
In Maths, Zebras have been learning to recognise and count with numbers 1-5. We have also been singing lots of number songs to help practise our counting.
The children have enjoyed eating their hot lunches at the servery for the first time this week and have tried lots of food, including burgers, sausages and roast dinner. Please remember the children are allowed to bring in a fruit or vegetable snack in from home for morning playtime and there is always something for the children to help themselves to.
This afternoon the children took home their first library book. Please return next Thursday for a new book. The children also have their teddy books in their bookbags so they can practise the teddy words and sound learnt this week. If you have any questions, please do come and ask a member of the Reception team.
Have a great weekend!