Reception - Grapes
Miss Charlton, Mrs Oliver, 

Learning this week (27.03.17)
In Phonics this week we have revised our sounds by writing sentences to match pictures, practising writing each sound and segmenting our sounds independently in our writing.

In Maths this week we have learnt about time. First we talked about the order of our day and why we need to tell the time. Then we order picture cards to match a story we had heard. After that we talked about how we tell the time. We went out to the big clock face on the play ground and made different times using the children as the hands of the clock. Then we made different o'clock times on mini clocks as a class.

This week’s WOW Stars are – Aemilius, Sam, Chloe R and Josh. It is lovely to hear about your achievements from outside of school!

This week our topic has been Spring. We started the week talking about the seasons and how the weather changes throughout the year. Then we talked about the signs of Spring we expect to see. We were 'Spring detectives' in our school grounds looking for signs of Spring. We painted Spring flowers using water colours. We have also written about the signs of Spring we know. We have also made Mother's Day cards to celebrate our lovely Mums! Next week we will be learning about Easter!

Learning this week (13.03.17)

In Phonics this week we have learnt the ‘ur’ and ‘ow’ sounds. For ‘ur’ we wrote words with the new sound and made turtles using green squares to collage the shell on to paper plates and cut out the bodies from green card. We also wrote words to match the pictures in phoneme frames. For 'ow' we made owls from pine cones by stuffing cotton wool in and adding feathers and eyes. We also read the story 'Owl Babies'.

In Maths this week we have continued to learn about subtraction. We made our own 10's frame outside and rolled a dice to find out how many children to take away. We also used raisins to write different subtraction number sentences, we got to eat the raisins we took away. We also started thinking about height and found out who the tallest and shortest people were in the class. Then we ordered different objects based on their size. We also started measuring different objects using bricks and unifix cubes.

This week’s WOW Stars are – Agnes. It is lovely to hear about your achievements from outside of school!

For Space this week we have found out about the job of an astronaut and talked about a day in space. We also learnt more about the planets and continued to sing our planets song. On Tuesday we designed our own aliens and painted pants after reading 'Alien's Love Underpants!' We read the story 'Whatever Next!' on Wednesday and wrote our own endings for Baby Bear's space adventure. Next week we will be learning all about Spring!

Daisy and Fred
Just to remind you that the new rota is up on the cork board for looking after the ducks. Please sign up when you are free. It is a very quick job to clean them out or put them away. We really appreciate your help.

Thank you in advance

Open Morning 1st December

Tomorrow is the Reception Open morning 8.45 - 9.30am. This is a lovely opportunity to see the amazing work your children have been doing and interact with them in their play. You will also be able to see our lovely decorations from Art and DT day. Look forward to seeing you all!

Duck Food Donations
Thank you to those of you who have donated £1 this term towards the duck food. Please could any further donations be handed to a member of the Reception team, thank you.

What we want to learn about in Reception
We would love to know what your children are interested in learning about during this year at school. Please could they bring in one item of interest for them to share with the class. We will take photos and this will form part of our learning wall. We are very excited to know what we will be learning about together this year.
Please could your child bring this in by next Wednesday 28th September. Children will bring their item home once they have shared it with the class.
Many thanks,
The Reception Team

Reading Books
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This week we have started sending home reading books. All children will have reading books by Wednesday 28th September.

Once your child has read their books at least twice with you please place them along with their Reading Record in the box in the classroom to be changed.

Happy Reading! smiley