Year 2 - Pears
Mrs Theobald, Mrs Russell, 

23rd June
Despite the heat, the children have coped very well and enjoyed lots of fun learning activities this week.

In Maths we have been making fruit drinks. First the children had to add up the cost of their chosen ingredients and then find the correct coins to give to buy them. They also needed to find the correct change if they paid with a two pound coin. Once they had managed this, they were able to measure out their own ingredients and enjoy their fruity drink. It was great to see so much accurate measuring!

In English the children have been writing the next chapter of our class reader, Cliffhanger. What brilliant writers they are! I am so impressed. 

We have chosen to keep two of the eight chicks that hatched last week. They are both hens so in the future there should be eggs.

Next week we will be learning about Rio de Janeiro in Geography. I wonder if it is as hot there as it has been here this week!

See you at the summer fair tomorrow!

16th June
What a great week we've had in Pears!
Lovely, warm sunshine made for extra enjoyment during our swimming lessons this week and lots of us have achieved swimming ribbons. Some of us even got two!
We have started reading Cliffhanger which has been good fun so far and we have written information leaflets all about chicks and chickens, as the farmer arrived with eight eggs for us on Monday morning, all of which have now hatched! We have been observing the eggs and chicks with fascination.
In maths, we have been revising our knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes and on the recorders we have learnt to play 'Low D' and an amusing tune called 'Smelly Cheese'.
In PE we have been practising our racing techniques in preparation for Sports Day.

All you dads out there should get a lovely card (and maybe even a lie-in!) on Sunday...

Finally, we had another birthday this week - Hucky is now seven! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HUCKY!

8th June
We have had a lovely first week and even enjoyed a short swim in the rain on Tuesday!

We have been writing about our favourite day during half term. I am very impressed with some of the language the children are now using in their writing and they are definitely building up their stamina, writing with good focus and concentration for longer periods of time. 
Our animal poems, which we finished off this week, are such fun to read! We have some budding poets in our class!

We have practised telling the time on analogue clocks and most of us can now confidently read the time to five minutes past the hour, e.g. five past three, twenty past five, twenty-five past two. 
Keep practising at home!

We had great fun doing different types of running on Wednesday: long distance, sprinting, hurdling and relay racing. What a great way to keep fit and get some exercise!

We have finished our class reader, Mr Stink, and will be starting to read 'Cliffhanger' by Jacqueline Wilson next week.

Finally, we have had another birthday this week. Arianna turned seven on Thursday.

Maypole Team, we are looking forward to watching you perform your dances at Ashtead Village Day on Saturday. Let's hope the sun shines for us!

26th May
Half term is here...!

These last six weeks have flown by and we have worked so hard, had lots of fun and learnt lots of new things.

Holiday challenges went home on Wednesday.

Enjoy the break and see you on Tuesday 6th June.

19th May
A bit of a wet week this week but that hasn't stopped the fun in Pears class!

We have been busy painting Tudor houses for our Great Fire of London display, as well as learning about fractions of amounts of money, writing our own versions of Little Red Riding Hood, playing tag rugby and making animations on the Learnpads.

We celebrated another birthday yesterday - Isabelle turned 7!

Today's achievers were Amanda, for making excellent progress in Maths, and Isabelle for being such a confident mathematician.

Don't forget the Auction of Promises in the hall tonight and the Garden Sale on Sunday.

See you on Monday for the final week of this half term...

12th May
This week saw the return of the swimming season and all the children enjoyed two sessions in the pool. There was even a glimmer of sunshine on Thursday!

We have been able to have quite a few playtimes on the field, which has been lovely.

On Tuesday afternoon we joined together with Apples to play a variety of tag rugby games and learn some rugby skills. It was great fun!


Today we have been learning about the work of William Morris and have designed a tile for printing with next week.
On Wednesday, George Wellings celebrated his 7th birthday and tomorrow Evie turns 7 as well.


28th April
It has been another busy week in Pears and we have enjoyed learning about The Great Fire of London.
We loved acting out our interpretations of what it would've been like for the people living above the bakery when the fire broke out. We have some budding actors and actresses amongst us!
You may like to go and visit the Monument if you are at a loose end  this weekend...

We used the Learnpads to photograph the habitats around our school and used an app called 'Picollage' to create posters. 

Learning to dance a dance known as 'Barber's Pole' was a lot of fun today and it is lovely to see that so many of you want to take part in Maypole Club and dance at Ashtead Village Day in June!

Our tennis skills are also developing nicely.

This week we have been getting our teeth into subtraction. Why not practise the strategies we have learnt at home over the bank holiday weekend, if you have a spare ten minutes?

Let's hope the glorious weather returns again for the weekend...
Have fun!


21st April
We have had a lovely first week back this week, which included learning about commands in our English lessons, revision of place value and number sequences in Maths, finding out about living things in Science and painting during our Art lesson.
Perhaps the highlight of the week has been our Maypole dancing which started today - there is a letter in your child's bag to let us know whether they would like to join Maypole Club at lunchtime on Tuesdays and perform on Ashtead Village Day.

Outdoor PE started on Wednesday, so please ask your child whether their plimsolls/trainers still fit. Their little feet have a habit of growing quite quickly over the winter!



24th March
Everyone looked lovely in their red attire today, in support of Comic Relief!
We have had a relatively quiet week this week, with lots of good concentrating and learning happening in Year 2. We enjoyed practising skills in estimating, counting and measuring in maths, as well as collecting data in order to answer a question. We then presented the data in different ways, including through the use of technology. It was much quicker to produce a range of graphs on the computer than it was to draw one by hand!
Our bean plants are growing like mad and we will soon be planting them outside as they are definitely out-growing their little pots. Some of the leaves are huge!
Next week we have lots of exciting learning planned, including a trip to The Greville to sing our hearts out and play our recorders along with other Year 2 children from local schools at their Arts Festival. Children in Popstar Club will be performing to the rest of the school during assembly on Thursday and don't forget our Dance performance on Friday morning at 10.15am.
One more week to go...!
Have a great weekend.


17th March
It was lovely to see so many of you at parent consultations this week. I am so proud of the progress your children are making! They really are a credit to you.
This week, we have had fun writing letters in English and practising our multiplication and division skills in the context of money during our maths lessons.

We are really enjoying our class reader 'Blob', by David Walliams. It is not too late to get your (free) copy with your World Book Day token...

Our gymnastic skills are developing nicely and this week we performed to each other and gave each other scores for our performances a la 'Strictly Come Dancing'.  
Our class dance to Justin Bieber's 'What do you mean?' was amazing this morning! We are looking forward to show-casing our talents to you during our Dance performance in two weeks' time...

We planted potatoes this week (thank you to Ellie's mum and Imogen's mum) and our bean plants are growing well (well, some of them!) We are enjoying observing them closely as they change day-by-day.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


10th March
The highlight of this week was, without a doubt, our Year 2 school trip to Wisley RHS Gardens yesterday!
What a fantastic day we had, learning all about the different types of plants that we can grow. We were so lucky with the beautiful weather, too.
Thank you to all the children for behaving so politely and sensibly and also to our parent helpers.

This week we have been reading the story of 'The Day the Crayons Quit' and we have enjoyed some related drama activities. Next week, we will continue to focus on this story in order to produce some excellent writing.
In Maths we have been revising the names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes.
We are monitoring our bean seeds and bulbs as they grow. Not much to see yet, but we know there is lots going on underneath that soil!

We look forward to seeing you at parent consultations next Wednesday or Thursday to talk about your child's progress in Year 2. 

Have a lovely weekend.

3rd March
Well, that was a busy Book Week!!
We had a great time, reading lots of different fairy tales and traditional tales, taking part in related drama activities - Ugne and Oliver C were just fabulous at acting out the parts of Slimus and Slick, the tailors who made the Emperor's new clothes - and spending time sharing our favourite fairy tales with friends in other classes. Mrs Gregory came to read us one of her favourite fairy tales on Wednesday morning, which was lovely.
The week ended with The Great Barnett Wood Fairy Tale Quiz, which was so much fun! We had thirteen teams with children from each class, working together to answer the questions.
Maisie celebrated her 7th birthday on Wednesday. Happy birthday, Maisie!
Image result for birthday clip art

24th February
Welcome back, everyone!
This week, we have been polishing up on our addition skills, using them to solve problems involving money. Keep practising at home or when you are at the shops...
We had a special visitor this week. Mr Ball (Mrs Ball's husband) used to go to Barnett Wood more than fifty years ago and as we are learning about the history of our school and the local area, what better way to do that than to talk to someone who actually lived here and went to our school? He had some great stories to tell.
We have enjoyed sharing our favourite music this week. This will continue throughout the half term, so still time to prepare for this if you haven't done so already...
We have been observing the enormous range of plants that grow in and around our school for the start of our science topic. Lots of signs of Spring!
Next week is Book Week - don't forget to wear your favourite fairy tale character costume on Monday!
Have a lovely weekend.

10th February
And so we come to the end of another fun-packed week in Pears, and the end of a busy half term!

Lots of lovely learning this week, including practising telling the time in maths, writing about Mali, a hot country in West Africa, painting in the style of 'pointilism' and putting together gymnastic sequences with our partners in PE.

Oliver V celebrates his 7th birthday on Sunday. Happy birthday, Oliver!

Have a lovely half term, everyone.
See you on the 20th...

PS. Half term challenges are in your book bags.  

3rd February
Have we really been back at school for five weeks already?? Time flies when you're having fun!
The highlights this week include;
- planning an experiment to find out where the best place is to keep ice.
Next week, we will carry out the experiment to find an answer to our question.
- revising our knowledge about fractions of shapes and learning not only about halves and quarters but also about three quarters, thirds and fifths!
Next week we will continue to practise finding fractions of numbers (amounts) and revising how to tell the time.
- choreographing a whole class dance to 'What do you mean?' by Justin Bieber.
- painting different shades of the same colour.
- writing algorithms in computing.
- writing fantastic stories inspired by Leonid Afremov's painting.

This weekend, Abigail and Casey both turn 7! Enjoy the celebrations!

Have a great weekend.

27th January
What busy Barnett Wood bees we have been again this week!
We have enjoyed learning more about what life is like in Norway and have begun writing a book with facts about Norway. Did you know that in the summer, if you go to the most northern part of Norway called the North Cape, the sun doesn't set and it stays light day and night?
In maths this week we have been developing our multiplication skills. Lots of us are learning facts by heart, which is great! Next week, we will be linking this learning to division.
We became scientists this week and carried out an exciting experiment to find out whether all foods melt when they are heated. We made predictions and observations and drew diagrams to show what we did and what we found out.
Have fun at the disco tonight, everyone!

20th January
We became poets this week!
We have enjoyed listening to, learning and performing poems about the weather, as well as writing our own.
We have been practising our subtraction and we are all very good at counting back in our heads now.
In music we have started learning to play the tune 'Mary's Lamb' on our recorders.  
We had great fun in Dance, making up small group dances to Justin Bieber's music.
We took a trip to Norway and found out that it's snowy, even in June! In the summer, in the most northern part of Norway, it stays light all day and night!
George B celebtrates his 7th birthday on Sunday...

Have a great day, George!
See you all on Monday...

13th January
As part of our learning in Science and Geography, we have been monitoring the weather this week and keeping weather diaries, so you can imagine the excitement when there was snow to report today! The children have enjoyed keeping an eye on the temperature each day, as well as the rainfall. Today was definitely the coldest day of the week!
We have been brushing up on our addition skills and have all made excellent progress.
Next week: subtraction.
Remember, there are lots of activities on Education City for you to enjoy.
Have a lovely weekend.

6th January
Happy New Year!
It's lovely to be back!
We have started the year as we mean to go on, working hard and concentrating well.
One of the things we have been working on this week is building up our writing stamina - writing for longer without as much support from an adult - and I can honestly say that I have been so proud of all of the children for what they have achieved. Well done, everyone!
Mr Rae returned this week to teach us Dance and the children were mesmerised by him! They were so focussed on their learning. It was a pleasure to watch.
Enjoy the weekend.



16th December
What a lovely, festive day we have had today! The Christmas performance at St George's church was wonderful - we are very proud of you all for singing beautifully, speaking beautifully and playing your instruments so well. Christmas lunch was so much fun with the whole school eating together in the hall. Have a good rest this weekend.

9th December
Christmas is creeping ever closer and we have been busy making Christmas cakes and cards, as well as practising our songs and words for our Christmas performance which will take place next Friday at St George's church.

This week our maths learning has centred around measuring accurately in centimetres with a ruler, which has been great fun! 

Today we celebtrated Harry's 7th birthday.

Only one more full week to go!
Have a great weekend...

2nd December
We thoroughly enjoyed DT Day on Tuesday and our school is looking fabulously festive ready for the Christmas Fair on Sunday. 🎄🌟See you there!

DT Day

What do you think of our Christmas wreaths?

DT Day

The Santa chocolate boxes look great!

DT Day

We made Christmas bees.

DT Day 29.11.16

We had a fabulous day making lots of lovely Christmas decorations!

25th November
This week we have been busy scientists and have completed a project on materials. We were particularly thinking about fabrics and how they are made and were able to put our weaving skills, which we gained last year, to very good use!
We had a go at using a range of scales and practised weighing items. Some of us even weighed ourselves! We then solved some problems involving mass.
We enjoyed our assembly at the Baptist church yesterday.
This week, Cody and Poppy celebrated their birthdays.

We have been busy preparing for our Christmas DT day on Tuesday. If anyone else would like to come and help, we would love to have you!
Have a lovely weekend.

18th November
We have been learning all about Queen Elizabeth I this week. What a lot of interesting facts we have learnt!

In Maths we have been learning about turns as well as revising how to tell the time on an analogue clock. Some of us are now learning to read the time to five minutes! That's incredible!

William celebrated his 7th birthday today. Happy birthday, William!


11th November
Today we had two minutes of silence to think about all the people who work so hard to keep our country safe, now and in the past. It was very peaceful.

This week, we have enjoyed learning about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot, and have been getting to grips with division.
Just a reminder that on Tuesday 22nd November at 7.30pm, we are having a workshop for Year 2 parents to show you how we teach the children certain aspects of maths so that you can support your child effectively at home.  It would be lovely to see as many of you as possible there...
Have a great weekend.

4th November
We have had a lovely week back at school after the half term break.
In English, we have been learning about the story of Little Red Riding Hood but we have heard the wolf's side of the story too, which made very interesting reading! We enjoyed some drama activities around the story and had a go at 'hot-seating', pretending to be Little Red Riding Hood, Grandma and the wolf.

In our maths learning, we have been finding out about fractions of shapes and numbers. We have learnt how to find a half and a quarter of numbers, as well as three quarters and even thirds and fifths!
In Gymnastics we are learning about good posture, poise and control and we also thought about ways of travelling. This theme was continued in our dance session where we moved to the music, thinking about motion and stillness.
Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

21st October
Wow! What a great first half of the Autumn term we have had! We have learnt and achieved so much already...
Have a great break, everyone, and see you on Monday 31st October.

14th October
This week, the Pears have been learning to use pictures to help them to multiply. We are beginning to learn our times tables off by heart!
times tables

We have been finding out about the author and illustrator Tim Hopgood and reading his wonderful stories. We have written letters to Tim as well.

In Dance, we performed a country dance called 'Durham Reel' to Apples.

One more week until we break up...! This half term is just flying by!

Don't forget the Bake and Taste open morning tomorrow and the Harvest performance at St George's church next Friday.

7th October
We are at the end of another lovely, busy week in Year 2 Pears and we are busy learning songs, words and to play instruments for our Harvest assembly which is coming up in two weeks...

We have been learning about the importance of eating healthily and practising our addition and subtraction skills.

In PE, we played tennis this week and will hopefully have another couple of outdoor PE sessions before the weather gets too chilly.

We celebrated another birthday this week. Ella has turned 7! Happy birthday, Ella!

30th September
The highlight of our week this week has been our first recorder lesson!
We each have our very own recorder and have learnt to hold it correctly, how to blow into it and how to play note 'b'. We even learnt to play along to our first tune, 'To B, Or Not To B'.

Have fun practising at home!                           

23rd September
Wow! What a busy week of learning we have had in Pears this week!
We have been learning all about the life of Florence Nightingale and the important work she did to make hospitals better places, where people could get well again.

We had our first outdoor PE lesson and everybody followed our agreed rules and had a great time practising jogging around our track and sprinting as fast as they could. 
We even had a go at jumping over hurdles!

In Maths, we have been counting in different steps and getting to grips with the number square.
We finished the week by wearing our jeans to school to raise money for an important charity.

We also celebrated our first 7th birthday of the year. Happy birthday, Ugne!      

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

16th September
So, we have completed our first whole week of learning in Year 2!
What a busy, fun-packed week we have had, with two swimming sessions and the special Roald Dahl celebrations on Tuesday.
We started the day on Tuesday with a special assembly and then went back to class to listen to a chapter from Roald Dahl's BFG.
After that we made our very own dream jars. They look beautifully colourful! 
We have also been sharing our special shoe boxes with the class and telling everyone about the people and things that are special to us.
Have a lovely weekend everyone!

9th September
What a fantastic start to the term we have had!
Everyone looks so grown up and ready to be in Year 2.
This week we have been writing about ourselves and our summer holidays.
We have been learning more about numbers in maths.
We have been doing our Year 2 ambassador jobs brilliantly.
Well done team!