Pupil premium report

Pupil premium is carefully targeted once the needs of individuals have been assessed. Our experienced LSA’s have additional hours in order to focus on appropriate support interventions which mainly focus on extra support for English and Mathematics skills. Our aim is to make sure these children attain as well as their peers and this is monitored closely through internal tracking and regular professional dialogue between practitioners, teachers and headteacher. This funding has also been used to support extracurricular activities and resources. Some children have benefited from extra swimming lessons, joining our after school football, dance, reading and cooking clubs and the provision of support during holidays to join clubs.  In April 2011/12 our allocation was £3, 904 and in April 2012, £4,800.

In April 2012/13 our allocation was £9,900 and for the academic year we have allocated an extra part time teacher to give individual and small group intervention work. We continue to support children in 2013/14 with extra support from our Learning Support Assistants who have attended courses in Literacy and Numeracy suppot.

We have recently updated our policy - Pupil_Premium_policy_15.doc and would appreciate your feedback via the school office. In 2014/15 we added some extra hours to our support staff in order to support individuals and we supported some families with extra curricular clubs.

In 2015/16 our plan is to continue the excellent support and interventions that are proving successful. Two of our Learning Support Assistants will be completeing the ELKLAN training which will enhance the Speech and Language Support we provide. Children recieve individual support through targetted literacy, numeracy and OT sessions. The impact of these sessions are regularly discussed with teachers and the headteacher and successes are shared with parents and children. We have also identified some funding to allow children to attend our after school reading club. Targetted children have significantly improved their reading skills making excellent progress (Jan16). 

In 2016/17 our plan is to target support through wave 3 Intervention to accellerate children's progresss in reading. We continue to provide professional support and training for all staff and identify the right member of staff to deliver support regularly.